About This Server

Here be dragons!

This is Tom's Git server. This is the ultimate upstream source for OpenMooCow, TuxMessenger and Thrust3D. It also contains my development branches for various Openmoko things.

Cloning, Checking Out and Merging

To clone one of these repositories, install git, and run:

git clone git://git.bitwiz.org.uk/someproject.git
Alternatively, manually add a new remote to an existing repository. Do this if you have, say, a Linux kernel repository already: it will make your download a lot faster and save my server some work, because Git will only download the differences between my work and whatever you have already:
git remote add bitwiz git://git.bitwiz.org.uk/someproject.git
git fetch
git checkout -b newbranch bitwiz/somebranch

Upstreamed Branches

It's better to use the furthest upstream repositories you can find:

The repositories here will continue to mirror the upstream ones.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
crystfel.git Crystallography using FELs Thomas White 5 weeks ago
glamo-dri-tests.git Test programs for Glamo DRI Thomas White 7 years ago
kernel.git My Linux kernel repository Thomas White 7 years ago
libdrm.git My libdrm repository Thomas White 7 years ago
mesa.git My Mesa repository Thomas White 7 years ago
midinator.git Messing around with MIDI Thomas White 5 years ago
openmoocow.git OpenMooCow! Thomas White 5 years ago
thrust3d.git Post-apocalyptic Jet Set Willy... Thomas White 4 years ago
tuxmessenger.git A GTK+-based client for MSN... Thomas White 7 years ago
xf86-video-glamo.git X.org driver for Glamo Thomas White 6 years ago