3 days ago Thomas WhiteClean up residual CBFlib stuff master
3 days ago Thomas WhiteRecognise (if not handle) all CBF formats
3 days ago Thomas WhiteBasic CBF reader with byte offset decompression
5 days ago Thomas WhiteStrip ouf CBFlib references
7 days ago Thomas Whitemove-entire-detector: Add z direction
9 days ago Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Exclude cells when centering type is...
10 days ago Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Initialise scd.enforced_cell to NULL
2019-04-05 Thomas Whitecompare_reindexed_cell_parameters: Require lattice...
2019-04-05 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add --csl
2019-04-05 Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Add enforcement of lattice type restrict...
2019-04-04 Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Remove accelerator from "Save histogram...
2019-04-03 Thomas WhiteFix typo
2019-04-03 Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Complain about unknown centering
2019-04-03 Thomas Whitehdfsee: Fix crash with no geometry file
2019-04-03 Thomas WhiteConsider pixel as bad if its value is NaN or infinity
2019-04-02 Thomas Whitecompare_reindexed_cell_parameters: Bail out when there...
2019-04-02 Thomas WhiteUpdate crystfel_geometry(5)
2019-03-26 Thomas WhiteFix order of matrix operations in compare_reindexed_cel...
2019-03-22 Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Add option to save histogram data
2019-03-20 Thomas WhiteFix matrix conventions for symmetry operations
2019-03-20 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'tom/transformations'
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2019-03-18 Thomas Whitehdfsee: Use a fresh detector geometry structure each...
2019-03-15 Thomas Whiteextract-geom: Don't add extra newlines
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitecell_transform_rational: Complain if matrix is singular
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitedetermine_centering: Check 1,1,1 in both directions
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Reject singular transformation matrix
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitecell_tool --transform: Write output cell
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Accept unconventional cell
2019-03-13 Thomas Whitevalidate_cell: Allow to tell the difference between...
2019-03-13 Thomas WhiteRemove intmat_solve_rational
2019-03-13 Thomas WhiteRename m to P, to match documentation (including ITA)
2019-03-13 Thomas WhiteRename rtnl_mtx_solve and rtnl_mtx_mult to make their...
2019-03-13 Thomas WhiteFix matrix notation in symmetry operations
2019-03-12 Thomas WhiteRename intmat_intvec_mult to transform_indices
2019-03-12 Thomas WhiteGet rid of two unused functions
2019-03-12 Thomas WhiteTakeTwo: Restore correct matrix multiplication for...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteTakeTwo: take change in IntegerMatrix notation into...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteRemove commented code
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteGet rid of cell_transform_gsl_reciprocal()
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteChange matrix notation to match ITA chapter 5.1
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitetests/transformation_check: Tidy up and be louder
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Improve messages
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd a comment
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteSingle point of truth for matrix memory layout
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteFix typo
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add documentation for --transform
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd remaining centering types and finalise centering...
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecentering determination after transformation
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Implement --cell-choices
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add --transform
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteInitial centering determination
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteMore tidying up of cell comparison
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteFind the best cell match, not just the first one
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteTidy up cell comparison
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteKeep track of the "un-centering" matrix, as well as...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd rtnl_mtx_identity()
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteNew way of doing cell comparisons, similar to match_cell()
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteFix tolerances (again)
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteConsider fractional cell lengths during comparison
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool --find-ambi: Work without -y
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteBetter handling of multiple symop error
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteImplement parse_symmetry_operations
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteBe clear about whether functions need rational or integ...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd rtnl_mtx_det() and rtnl_mtx_mult()
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteSymmetry operation parser using Flex/Bison
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd new rational number library
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteUse IntegerMatrix for all unit cell transformations
2019-03-11 Thomas Whiteget_hkl --reindex: Check that the user provides only...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteSimplify the output of cell_print()
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool --rings: Add --highres
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Fix length tolerance units
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteChange horribly confusing names of unit cell comparison...
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Don't uncenter cells before comparison
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Check --tolerance has the right number of...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteDon't use within_tolerance for angles
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteRemove cells_are_similar() from API
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add --compare (doesn't seem to work yet...
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteFix tolerances
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Improve option processing
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteShow the actual number of orders
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Use libcrystfel cells_are_similar() function
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add --rings
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool --uncenter: Write unit cell to file
2019-03-11 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Add --uncenter
2019-03-11 Thomas WhiteInitial cell_tool (implementing find_ambi only)
2019-03-07 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Status message improvements
2019-03-07 Thomas WhiteRemove old debug message
2019-03-06 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Rename --min-gradient to --min-squared...
2019-03-06 Thomas Whiteturbo-index-slurm: Comment out --nice value
2019-03-05 Thomas Whitecheck-{near-bragg,peak-detection}: Give better errors
2019-03-01 Thomas Whitepartialator: Fix two small memory leaks
2019-03-01 Thomas Whitepartialator: Check for failed minimiser setup in write_...
2019-03-01 Thomas Whitepartialator: Fix string overruns in write_grid()
2019-03-01 Thomas Whitecrystal_copy(): Make new copy of notes if non-NULL
2019-03-01 Thomas Whitepartialator: Avoid double-free of stuff_from_stream...
2019-03-01 Thomas WhiteDon't mask out entire image if bad pixel map can't...
2019-02-08 Thomas Whitescripts/plot-contourmap: Specify colours of contour...
2019-02-08 Thomas WhiteAdd a comment to CMakeLists.txt
2019-01-30 Thomas WhiteMake sure of string length in get_event_string()