Remove variable which was only used once
[colloquium.git] / libstorycode / gtk / gtknarrativeview.c
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRemove variable which was only used once
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRestore paragraph splitting
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteImplement which_run()
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFix run determination when inserting text
2019-09-14 Thomas WhiteHandle *bold* in parser, rather than as a separate...
2019-08-25 Thomas WhiteFix *bold* etc
2019-05-24 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph splitting logic
2019-05-09 Thomas WhiteClean up narrative item size arithmetic
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteBeautify cursor and selection highlight for slides
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteImprove behaviour of paragraph splitting (when insertin...
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteFix crashes caused by toolbar paragraph motion buttons
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRemove old includes
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDefer re-wrapping until redraw
2019-04-28 Thomas Whitegtk_narrative_view_redraw: also re-wrap the text
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteRedraw narrative window on stylesheet change
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteCheck cursor visible after move
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteKeep paragraph centered in narrative during slideshow
2019-03-30 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Presentation structure
2019-03-30 Thomas WhiteImplement "add slide"
2019-03-28 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph highlight geometry
2019-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore slideshow and clock
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteFix Pango warning when moving cursor off the end of...
2019-03-15 Thomas WhiteInitial GtkSlideView
2019-03-10 Thomas WhiteImplement enter press / paragraph split
2019-03-10 Thomas WhiteFix some range errors with selection
2019-03-10 Thomas WhiteImplement selection
2019-03-10 Thomas WhiteImplement paragraph merge and forwards delete
2019-03-10 Thomas WhiteImplement delete
2019-03-05 Thomas WhiteCursor movement and basic text editing
2019-03-05 Thomas WhiteCursor positioning
2019-03-05 Thomas WhiteRemove unused PangoContext
2019-03-04 Thomas WhiteThumbnail slide rendering in narrative
2019-03-03 Thomas WhitePlug scroll interface back in
2019-03-03 Thomas WhiteStyled narrative rendering
2019-03-01 Thomas WhiteDebug narrative rendering machinery
2019-02-28 Thomas WhiteNarrative rendering machinery
2019-02-26 Thomas WhiteTidy up a bit
2019-02-26 Thomas WhiteSkeleton GtkNarrativeView
2019-02-21 Thomas WhiteSkeleton for libstorycode-cairo and libstorycode-gtk
2013-03-05 Thomas WhiteMove "libstorycode" back to this repository
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules to latest
2012-11-23 Thomas WhiteBuild system fixes
2012-11-23 Thomas WhiteBreak storycode stuff off into a separate library