Implement "revert" button for stylesheet editor
[colloquium.git] / libstorycode / stylesheet.h
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement "revert" button for stylesheet editor
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteUse GEOMETRY for slide size
2019-04-27 Thomas WhiteImplement selection of style in editor
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteAdd API for getting style tree
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteGet rid of "enum style_element"
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteIf a colour is read as a hex code, save it that way too
2019-04-02 Thomas WhiteStylesheet saving skeleton
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteInitial slide clicky stuff
2019-03-03 Thomas WhiteStyled narrative rendering
2019-02-28 Thomas WhiteNarrative rendering machinery
2019-02-26 Thomas WhiteUse slide size from stylesheet when appropriate
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteUse padding
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteUse text alignment
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteUse text font
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteRender background
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteParse gradients
2019-02-25 Thomas WhiteStylesheet hooks
2019-02-24 Thomas WhiteStylesheet parser stuff
2019-02-23 Thomas WhiteRender text with font
2019-02-14 Thomas WhiteSkeleton parser structure
2013-03-05 Thomas WhiteMove "libstorycode" back to this repository
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules
2012-11-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate submodules to latest
2012-11-23 Thomas WhiteBuild system fixes
2012-11-23 Thomas WhiteBreak storycode stuff off into a separate library