delete_run: Stop moving too many runs
[colloquium.git] / src / frame.c
2018-03-03 Thomas Whitedelete_run: Stop moving too many runs
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove text_run offsets and lengths
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove macro_real_block and friends, and delete text...
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteAdd some warnings
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteIncrease line spacing
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove text run SCBlock offset
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteUpdate comment
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteRecord whether or not macro is editable
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteTry deleting based on macro contents if paragraphs...
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteStore macro contents block in text run
2017-12-03 Thomas WhiteType "into" slide thumbnail without full rerender
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteDebugging stuff
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse ImageStore to get image size
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteDon't crash if image is not found
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteRender callbacks with higher resolution when writing...
2017-11-23 Thomas WhiteRender images at the correct size
2017-11-23 Thomas WhiteGet rid of image size stuff
2017-11-21 Thomas WhiteCalculate image sizes to fill frames horizontally
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteInitialise image para space to zero
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph highlight for spacing
2017-11-19 Thomas Whitepos_trail_to_offset(): Special case for \newpara
2017-11-12 Thomas WhiteDebug stuff (revert me later)
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteAvoid some NULL dereferences
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteDelete newpara runs when deleting a paragraph
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteDon't eliminate empty runs
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteAdd show_edit_pos()
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteRemove more unnecessary messing around with \n
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteTrack the newlines at ends of paragraphs directly
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteTrack newlines at end of paragraphs
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteDon't try to calculate an offset in a non-text paragraph
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteJump back into empty paragraphs correctly
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteHandle paragraph split at end of paragraph
2017-09-11 Thomas WhiteFix incorrect handling of paragraph split already on...
2017-09-08 Thomas WhiteRemove fix_scblock_offsets, fix subsequent paragraphs...
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteEliminate empty runs after delete
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteAdd some missing casts
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteImplement debugger
2017-07-07 Thomas WhiteWIP
2017-06-07 Thomas WhiteUpdate paragraph indices when deleting
2017-06-07 Thomas WhiteImplement delete_paragraph()
2017-05-28 Thomas WhiteUpdate deletion end offset when shortening runs
2017-05-21 Thomas WhiteFix character offsets
2017-03-27 Thomas WhiteDelete selected text
2017-03-05 Thomas WhiteTrack whether selection is active or not
2017-03-02 Thomas Whitesc_block_delete() may change the top block
2017-01-24 Thomas WhiteImplement text selection
2017-01-13 Thomas WhiteAdd a load of debug magic keys
2017-01-13 Thomas WhiteSet paragraph width correctly when splitting paragraphs
2017-01-13 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph merging
2017-01-13 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph splitting
2017-01-10 Thomas WhiteSplit paragraphs on enter
2016-11-13 Thomas WhiteFix crash
2016-11-13 Thomas WhiteRefuse to edit inside macro blocks
2016-09-21 Thomas WhiteFix abuse of cursor_trail
2016-09-13 Thomas WhiteFix text deletion
2016-09-13 Thomas WhiteImplement multi-run deletion
2016-08-12 Thomas WhiteFix merging of paragraphs
2016-08-12 Thomas WhiteEnhance show_para()
2016-07-07 Thomas WhiteAllow typing into non-text paragraphs
2016-05-22 Thomas WhiteMerge paragraphs (needs fixing)
2016-05-17 Thomas WhiteAdvance slide from narrative window
2016-05-02 Thomas WhiteDon't include paragraph spacing in highlight box
2016-05-01 Thomas WhiteParagraph spacing
2016-04-26 Thomas WhitePaste slide
2016-04-26 Thomas WhiteCopy slide
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'pangolayout'
2016-04-22 Thomas WhiteSlide adding works
2016-04-22 Thomas WhiteAdd SCBlock to image and callback paragraphs
2016-04-21 Thomas WhiteMore WIP on slide adding
2016-04-21 Thomas WhiteIncrease debugging message detail
2016-04-19 Thomas WhiteWIP on slide adding
2016-04-19 Thomas WhiteClarify that cursor_pos is BYTE offset (not character)
2016-04-03 Thomas WhiteClarification
2016-04-03 Thomas WhiteFix new frames
2016-03-31 Thomas WhiteMake backspace work (pretty minimally)
2016-03-31 Thomas WhiteAvoid a few segfaults
2016-03-30 Thomas WhiteHandle input at end of run
2016-03-29 Thomas WhiteEnable text insertion
2016-03-29 Thomas WhiteHighlight the current paragraph
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteA couple of cursor fixes
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore callback clicks
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteCursor stuff
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore callbacks
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore images
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore text colours
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteFixed flowed height (and reduce spaces between paragraphs)
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteBasic renderer using PangoLayouts
2016-03-19 Thomas WhiteDeletion stuff
2016-03-14 Thomas WhiteFix frame creation
2016-02-14 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-14 Thomas WhiteRationalise box handling (needs debugging)
2015-10-08 Thomas WhiteKeep paragraphs around
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteRerender means full rerender
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteTop frame is created by rendering pipeline, but owned...
2015-06-10 Thomas WhiteClear up unused frames
2014-12-04 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'narrative'
2014-11-19 Thomas WhiteFree old wrap lines
2014-09-11 Thomas WhiteFactorise rendering pipeline a bit
2014-01-17 Thomas WhiteUnwrapped text belongs to frame, not interpreter