Save the stylesheet
[colloquium.git] / src / presentation.h
2018-10-29 Thomas WhiteSave the stylesheet
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'json-stylesheets'
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteSwitch to new Stylesheet type
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteReplace p->filename with p->uri, get rid of p->titlebar...
2018-04-01 Thomas WhiteUse GFile for presentation loading
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteFix #includes
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRemove remnants of ancient structures
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteMove load_everything() to utils
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse config file for image store pathname
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteChange stylesheet
2017-01-16 Thomas WhiteTitlebar stuff, keep track of when presentation has...
2016-09-13 Thomas WhiteGet rid of last bits of "slide notes"
2015-12-26 Thomas WhiteRemove "struct slide" and the slide list
2015-11-15 Thomas WhiteMove PangoLanguage higher up
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteRemove unused prototype
2015-06-10 Thomas WhiteClear up unused frames
2014-12-04 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'narrative'
2014-11-27 Thomas WhiteRestore "b splits"
2014-11-21 Thomas WhiteGet rid of
2014-11-21 Thomas WhiteWIP on patching up SlideShow
2014-09-28 Thomas WhiteSCEditor, part III
2014-09-26 Thomas WhiteSCEditor, part I
2014-09-13 Thomas WhiteRestore notes
2014-09-11 Thomas WhiteGet rid of slide and presentation constants
2014-09-08 Thomas WhiteSimplify the style menu a bit
2014-09-08 Thomas WhiteRestore style menu
2014-09-07 Thomas WhiteFactorise style sheet
2014-06-21 Thomas WhiteBox offset logic
2014-03-11 Thomas WhiteNew way of doing cursor position
2014-01-21 Thomas WhiteLoad presentation
2014-01-07 Thomas WhiteInitial work for new SC processor
2014-01-05 Thomas WhiteGet rid of StyleSheet
2013-09-23 Thomas WhiteAdd "Delete frame"
2013-09-22 Thomas WhiteDelete slide after move (broken)
2013-09-22 Thomas WhiteTransfer the actual data
2013-09-17 Thomas WhiteSkeleton for slide sorter
2013-09-17 Thomas WhiteInhibit screensaver when slideshow is running
2013-09-17 Thomas WhiteSimplify notes a bit
2013-09-15 Thomas WhiteAdd the Presentation Clock
2013-09-13 Thomas WhiteAdd notes
2013-09-08 Thomas WhiteAdd \slidenumber
2013-08-23 Thomas WhiteSC prologue for top frame
2013-07-29 Thomas WhiteFix selection logic
2013-05-27 Thomas WhiteSelection/resize stuff
2013-05-24 Thomas WhiteLoad/save stylesshet and menu stuff
2013-05-21 Thomas WhiteImageStore stuff
2013-05-12 Thomas WhiteDrag and drop stuff
2013-05-10 Thomas WhiteDrag to create a new frame
2013-03-19 Thomas WhiteUpdate copyright comments
2013-02-19 Thomas White(Very) basic text editing
2012-11-30 Thomas WhiteWIP on rendering
2012-10-14 Thomas WhiteRendering and redraw pipeline
2012-10-11 Thomas WhiteMove "frame" to new module
2012-10-08 Thomas WhiteCreate PangoLayout when laying out the frame
2012-09-11 Thomas WhitePut styles in submenus
2012-09-09 Thomas WhiteUpdate comments
2012-09-09 Thomas WhiteMove actual loading/saving stuff to presentation
2012-09-08 Thomas WhitePlug in stylesheets and load/save
2012-09-04 Thomas WhitePlug mainwindow back in
2012-09-03 Thomas White"Finished" parser
2012-08-12 Thomas WhiteThe style mechanism
2012-08-12 Thomas WhiteClarify layout logic
2012-08-12 Thomas WhiteBasic structure for frames
2012-08-04 Thomas WhiteRendering stuff
2012-06-14 Thomas WhiteSimplify...
2012-05-14 Thomas WhiteStorycode - more work
2012-04-18 Thomas WhiteUpdate...
2012-04-17 Thomas WhiteStart cleaning out...
2012-04-10 Thomas WhiteWork on frames and storycode
2011-12-25 Thomas WhiteBasic slide notes
2011-12-18 Thomas WhiteAuto-furniture: part 1
2011-12-11 Thomas WhiteRemote control magic
2011-12-08 Thomas WhiteWIP on splitting
2011-11-22 Thomas WhiteAdd "Delete" button
2011-11-22 Thomas WhiteLet tools add stuff to the toolbar
2011-11-09 Thomas WhiteImplement File->New, don't quit until last file is...
2011-11-06 Thomas WhiteUpdate the title bar on load/save
2011-11-06 Thomas WhiteRemove redundant parameter
2011-11-05 Thomas WhiteLoading mostly works
2011-11-04 Thomas WhiteLoad stylesheet from presentation file
2011-10-17 Thomas WhiteNew slide redraw logic
2011-10-13 Thomas WhiteCheck object type before asking the tool to do things
2011-10-13 Thomas WhiteAdd image handling basics
2011-10-13 Thomas WhiteUnify "rubber band box" and "import DnD" pathways
2011-10-12 Thomas WhiteRemove dead code and tidy up resize logic
2011-10-11 Thomas WhiteDesign for general drag logic
2011-10-09 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-09 Thomas WhiteMove rubber band box stuff to mainwindow
2011-10-09 Thomas WhiteDrag to create region
2011-10-04 Thomas WhiteMove key press stuff into tool callbacks
2011-10-04 Thomas WhiteAllow deselect_object() to delete empty objects safely
2011-10-03 Thomas WhiteMore fun with methods
2011-10-03 Thomas WhiteUse dispatch tables for tool functions
2011-09-25 Thomas WhiteMore updates...
2011-09-25 Thomas WhiteFirst part of new concept for styles and layout elements
2011-09-15 Thomas WhiteDraw box when receiving image by DnD
2011-09-15 Thomas WhiteAdd initial drag and drop stuff
2011-08-15 Thomas WhiteAdd loading and saving stuff
2011-08-10 Thomas WhitePlug in style and layout stuff to UI