Do all rendering one level higher
[colloquium.git] / src / sc_editor.c
2018-03-30 Thomas WhiteDo all rendering one level higher
2018-03-29 Thomas WhiteDon't try to insert text if cursor_frame=NULL
2018-03-28 Thomas WhiteSet frame->scblocks one level higher for top frame...
2018-03-28 Thomas WhiteRearrange editability checks when inserting text
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating an empty run when importing an image
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteEnsure no empty paragraphs before deleting
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show ONLY blocks in frame
2018-03-22 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show blocks in frame (not top of editor)
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteCreate a run when placing cursor in an empty paragraph
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteDisallow insertion and deletion unless scblock==rscblock
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteUse edit_pos instead of cursor_{para,pos,trail}
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Paragraph->open
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteRename some functions to make them unique
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAvoid crash when deleting in a non-text paragraph
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating extra ImageStores
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteFail cleanly if background pixbuf can't be loaded
2018-03-10 Thomas WhiteAdd Meson build system
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteRemove len_bytes from add_run
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove text_run offsets and lengths
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove macro_real_block and friends, and delete text...
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteAdd SCBlocks into editor at right level
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteComplain if frame can't be created
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteCreate frame at the right SC level
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove text run SCBlock offset
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteRecord whether or not macro is editable
2018-01-29 Thomas WhiteFix incorrect handling when first frame is deleted
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteStore macro contents block in text run
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteGUI slide title adding
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteCopy and paste entire frames
2017-12-06 Thomas WhiteHandle typing into other non-text paragraph types
2017-12-04 Thomas WhiteGo directly to PangoContext
2017-12-03 Thomas WhiteType "into" slide thumbnail without full rerender
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteNo text selection in paragraph highlight mode
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteSCEditor scaled view fixes
2017-11-29 Thomas WhiteScale the slide in the slide window
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse config file for image store pathname
2017-11-23 Thomas WhiteGet rid of image size stuff
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteRemove unnecessary newline stuff
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDon't try to split in a NULL frame
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteSet selection to NULL after importing image, because...
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteUnset selection before creating a new frame
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDragging fixes
2017-11-12 Thomas WhiteDebug stuff (revert me later)
2017-10-23 Thomas WhiteEnsure initialisation of cursor position
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteHold shift to create, resize or move
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteDon't rewrap if paragraph is NULL
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteRewrap the paragraph range in the correct frame (!)
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteFix button modifier masks
2017-10-08 Thomas WhiteDelete text when inserting with block selected
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteAvoid looking up cursor position in non-text paragraph
2017-09-24 Thomas Whitedraw_caret(): Use pos_trail_to_offset()
2017-09-08 Thomas WhiteRemove fix_scblock_offsets, fix subsequent paragraphs...
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteOnly unset selection if it is active
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteMove debugging routines up
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteInitial work on debugger
2017-07-07 Thomas WhiteWIP
2017-05-21 Thomas WhiteFix character offsets
2017-05-20 Thomas WhiteSet cursor position after block delete
2017-03-27 Thomas WhiteDelete selected text
2017-03-05 Thomas WhiteTrack whether selection is active or not
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteCreate a new SCBlock when we create the first paragraph...
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2017-03-02 Thomas Whitesc_block_delete() may change the top block
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteSet narrative stylesheet when replacing it
2017-01-24 Thomas WhiteImplement text selection
2017-01-16 Thomas WhiteTitlebar stuff, keep track of when presentation has...
2017-01-13 Thomas WhiteAdd a load of debug magic keys
2017-01-10 Thomas WhiteSplit paragraphs on enter
2016-11-13 Thomas WhiteRefuse to edit inside macro blocks
2016-09-21 Thomas WhiteFix segfault
2016-09-21 Thomas WhiteFix abuse of cursor_trail
2016-09-21 Thomas WhiteUpdate the size of flowed frames on insert
2016-09-21 Thomas WhiteKeep the cursor inside the window on edit
2016-09-19 Thomas WhiteSet page size correctly for scroll adjustment
2016-09-18 Thomas WhiteSet scroll position to top if whole document can be...
2016-07-07 Thomas WhiteAllow typing into non-text paragraphs
2016-05-26 Thomas WhiteHighlight paragraph if caret can't be drawn
2016-05-22 Thomas WhiteMerge paragraphs (needs fixing)
2016-05-17 Thomas WhiteAdvance slide from narrative window
2016-05-16 Thomas WhiteScroll/toolbar fixes
2016-05-14 Thomas WhiteKeep current paragraph centered in narrative window
2016-05-14 Thomas WhiteChange narrative paragraph instead of advancing slide
2016-05-08 Thomas WhiteHighlight paragraph only in narrative window and only...
2016-05-02 Thomas WhiteRemove debug
2016-04-28 Thomas WhiteFix slide number the first time the slide window is...
2016-04-26 Thomas WhitePaste slide
2016-04-26 Thomas WhiteCopy slide
2016-04-24 Thomas WhiteFix slide numbers
2016-04-24 Thomas WhiteFixes for creating a new presentation
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteMatch the height of flowed frames to the window size
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'pangolayout'
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteGet rid of background thing
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteInsert text at end of chain of SCBlocks in new frame
2016-04-22 Thomas WhiteSlide adding works
2016-04-21 Thomas WhiteMore WIP on slide adding
2016-04-19 Thomas WhiteWIP on slide adding
2016-04-19 Thomas WhiteClarify that cursor_pos is BYTE offset (not character)
2016-04-03 Thomas WhiteImprove handling of top-level frame
2016-04-03 Thomas WhiteFix new frames