Initialise fgcol
[colloquium.git] / src / sc_interp.c
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteInitialise fgcol
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteInternationalise all strings in source code
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteSet spacing on callback paragraphs
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteAdd \lalign and \center (and show them off)
2018-03-23 Thomas WhiteAdd \ralign
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteDisallow insertion and deletion unless scblock==rscblock
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteRemove \callback
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteSet scblock/rscblock even for text paragraphs
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Paragraph->open
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteAdd rscblocks for image and callback paragraphs
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteRemove len_bytes from add_run
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteDon't create runs for \newpara
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteFix a memory bug in exec_macro
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove macro_real_block and friends, and delete text...
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove text run SCBlock offset
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteRecord whether or not macro is editable
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteStore macro contents block in text run
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteGet slide size from stylesheet
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse ImageStore to get image size
2017-11-21 Thomas WhiteCalculate image sizes to fill frames horizontally
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDon't add empty text blocks
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteSet right fontdesc for \newpara runs (in case we type...
2017-11-12 Thomas WhiteDebug stuff (revert me later)
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteHandle NULL PangoContext some more
2017-10-23 Thomas WhiteHandle NULL PangoContext
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteTrack the newlines at ends of paragraphs directly
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteTrack newlines at end of paragraphs
2017-09-24 Thomas Whiteupdate_font(): Show font name if it can't be loaded
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteZero-length blocks are OK
2017-09-03 Thomas WhiteComment out unused variables
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteChange stylesheet
2017-01-08 Thomas WhiteAllow bits of macros to be editable
2016-11-18 Thomas WhiteUse slide template for new slides
2016-11-17 Thomas WhiteInitial template stuff
2016-11-13 Thomas WhiteRefuse to edit inside macro blocks
2016-05-02 Thomas WhiteRemove debug
2016-05-01 Thomas WhiteParagraph spacing
2016-04-26 Thomas WhiteCopy slide
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'pangolayout'
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteSet default style of frame to whatever comes last
2016-04-22 Thomas WhiteAdd SCBlock to image and callback paragraphs
2016-03-29 Thomas WhiteAllow empty paragraphs
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore text colours
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph splitting
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteBasic renderer using PangoLayouts
2016-03-19 Thomas WhiteAdd oblique and italic
2016-03-16 Thomas WhiteFinal fixes for text in empty frame
2016-03-14 Thomas WhiteFix frame creation
2015-12-26 Thomas WhiteOpen slide window on right slide
2015-11-08 Thomas WhiteWIP on breaks
2015-10-25 Thomas WhiteComments
2015-10-11 Thomas WhiteSPOT for box text (inside the SCBlock)
2015-08-18 Thomas WhiteFix macro contents
2015-08-17 Thomas WhiteIncrease priority of macros
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteFix some obvious gremlins
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2015-08-16 Thomas WhiteRemove sc_block_frame() crap
2015-06-13 Thomas WhiteDirty hacks to make it work (for now)
2015-06-10 Thomas WhiteFix deletion of old frames
2015-06-10 Thomas WhiteClear up unused frames
2015-03-14 Thomas WhiteFrame resizability/movability logic
2015-01-03 Thomas WhiteThumbnails!
2014-12-27 Thomas WhiteDraw from callbacks
2014-12-26 Thomas WhiteCallback stuff
2014-12-26 Thomas WhiteMove SCCallbackFunc definition
2014-12-26 Thomas WhiteCallback stuff
2014-12-24 Thomas WhiteStructure for callback mechanism
2014-12-04 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'narrative'
2014-10-24 Thomas WhiteDon't recurse into \slide
2014-10-24 Thomas WhiteFix a memory leak
2014-09-20 Thomas WhiteAdd gradient backgrounds
2014-09-20 Thomas WhiteAdd \fontsize and \bold
2014-09-19 Thomas WhiteComment out debugging stuff
2014-09-19 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'stylecascade' of ssh://
2014-09-19 Thomas WhiteSet overall slide background in style sheet
2014-09-14 Thomas WhiteFix tests
2014-09-11 Thomas WhiteFix \slidenumber
2014-09-11 Thomas WhiteFactorise rendering pipeline a bit
2014-09-11 Thomas WhiteGet rid of slide and presentation constants
2014-09-09 Thomas WhiteHonour final defaults in style sheet
2014-09-09 Thomas WhiteImplement padding
2014-09-09 Thomas WhiteRun macro contents
2014-09-08 Thomas WhiteCopy SCBlocks when executing a macro
2014-09-08 Thomas WhiteRestore style menu
2014-09-07 Thomas WhiteFactorise style sheet
2014-08-09 Thomas WhiteFix frame resize
2014-07-24 Thomas WhiteUpdate SC on resize
2014-06-05 Thomas WhiteCursor stuff
2014-02-13 Thomas WhiteFix recursion woes
2014-02-01 Thomas WhiteRun macros
2014-01-29 Thomas WhiteReduce verbosity
2014-01-28 Thomas WhiteWork on rendering pipeline
2014-01-26 Thomas WhitePut image filename in options, not content
2014-01-26 Thomas WhiteData structures for macros
2014-01-26 Thomas WhiteFactorise "output" parts of sc_interp_add_blocks()
2014-01-22 Thomas WhiteFix rendering
2014-01-18 Thomas WhiteRestore images and slide number
2014-01-17 Thomas WhiteUnwrapped text belongs to frame, not interpreter