Implement Insert->Image
[colloquium.git] / src / slide_window.c
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement Insert->Image
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteClose slide windows when closing narrative
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove slide windows from narrative window's record...
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteSet title bar of slide window properly
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRedraw slide windows when stylesheet is changed
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteForce redraw after adding slide title
2019-03-30 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Presentation structure
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteSet slide pointer
2019-03-15 Thomas WhiteInitial GtkSlideView
2019-02-19 Thomas WhiteWIP
2018-10-30 Thomas WhitePropagate stylesheet changes to slide windows
2018-10-30 Thomas WhiteFix style warnings from static analyser
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'json-stylesheets'
2018-10-20 Thomas WhiteRemove legacy API cruft
2018-05-01 Thomas WhiteGet rid of stylesheet lists and add stylesheet change...
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteSet transient parent for about box
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteInternationalise all strings in source code
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteRename some functions to make them unique
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating extra ImageStores
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove unused variables
2018-02-04 Thomas WhiteFix next/previous slide in slide window
2018-01-29 Thomas WhiteFix incorrect handling when first frame is deleted
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteGUI slide title adding
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteCopy and paste entire frames
2017-12-06 Thomas WhiteFix some FIXMEs
2017-11-29 Thomas WhiteScale the slide in the slide window
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse config file for image store pathname
2017-01-16 Thomas WhiteTitlebar stuff, keep track of when presentation has...
2016-11-18 Thomas WhiteUse slide template for new slides
2016-08-23 Thomas WhiteHorrible size hack for slide window
2016-05-17 Thomas WhiteGObjectify the slideshow
2016-05-17 Thomas WhiteRemove some old code
2016-05-02 Thomas WhiteRemove old stuff from SlideWindow, and fix action group...
2016-04-28 Thomas WhiteFix slide number the first time the slide window is...
2016-04-24 Thomas WhiteFix slide numbers
2016-04-23 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'pangolayout'
2016-04-22 Thomas WhiteSlide adding works
2016-03-28 Thomas WhiteBasic renderer using PangoLayouts
2016-03-14 Thomas WhiteSet role of slide window
2016-01-05 Thomas Whitenext/prev slide fixes
2015-12-26 Thomas WhiteRemove "struct slide" and the slide list
2015-12-26 Thomas WhiteOpen slide window on right slide
2015-11-26 Thomas WhiteWIP
2015-11-15 Thomas WhiteMove PangoLanguage higher up
2015-11-01 Thomas WhiteVertical scrolling stuff
2015-10-19 Thomas WhiteSwap out deprecated function
2015-08-20 Thomas WhiteMove a comment
2015-08-17 Thomas WhiteDispatch table for slideshow controller
2015-06-13 Thomas WhiteFix slide number
2015-06-08 Thomas WhiteFrame deletion stuff
2015-02-14 Thomas WhiteFix arrow direction
2015-02-07 Thomas WhiteRevert a couple of container_add to scrolled_window_add...
2015-02-06 Thomas WhiteRemove deprecated stuff
2014-12-26 Thomas White"Fix" some more warnings
2014-12-11 Thomas WhiteAdd missing return
2014-12-11 Thomas WhiteWIP on Narrative stylesheet
2014-12-09 Thomas WhiteRemember when slide window is closed
2014-12-06 Thomas WhiteAdd toolbar to NarrativeWindow
2014-12-04 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'narrative'
2014-12-04 Thomas WhiteRestore notes
2014-12-02 Thomas WhiteRestore sensitivity of first/prev/next/last slide buttons
2014-12-02 Thomas WhiteRestore PDF export
2014-12-01 Thomas WhiteHook up more menus and toolbars
2014-11-30 Thomas WhiteClear out old menu stuff
2014-11-29 Thomas WhiteRestore slide numbering
2014-11-28 Thomas WhiteSet focus window
2014-11-28 Thomas White"B" splits as well
2014-11-27 Thomas WhiteRestore "b splits"
2014-11-26 Thomas WhiteRestore page up/page down in slide window
2014-11-21 Thomas WhiteWIP on patching up SlideShow
2014-11-18 Thomas WhiteDerive from GtkDrawingArea (properly)
2014-10-24 Thomas WhiteSet SCBlocks, not slides
2014-10-20 Thomas WhiteLogical size stuff
2014-10-20 Thomas WhiteSize and rendering stuff
2014-09-30 Thomas WhiteWIP
2014-09-28 Thomas WhiteSCEditor, part II
2014-09-26 Thomas WhiteSCEditor, part I