Save the stylesheet
[colloquium.git] / src / stylesheet.h
2018-10-29 Thomas WhiteSave the stylesheet
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'json-stylesheets'
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteUpdate values from stylesheet editor
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteAvoid copious strcatting for stylesheet lookups
2018-10-21 Thomas WhiteTry <documentname>.ss for stylesheet
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteSwitch to new Stylesheet type
2014-01-05 Thomas WhiteGet rid of StyleSheet
2013-08-25 Thomas WhiteUse short name for styles
2013-08-23 Thomas WhiteSC prologue for top frame
2013-08-18 Thomas WhiteAdd "Load stylesheet"
2013-05-27 Thomas WhiteFrame option processing
2013-05-26 Thomas WhiteMore load/save stuff
2013-05-26 Thomas WhiteAdd default style
2013-05-23 Thomas WhiteDefault stylesheet stuff
2013-03-19 Thomas WhiteUpdate copyright comments
2012-11-30 Thomas WhiteWIP on rendering
2012-09-11 Thomas WhitePut styles in submenus
2012-09-09 Thomas WhiteSlide template stuff
2012-09-08 Thomas WhitePlug in stylesheets and load/save
2012-08-12 Thomas WhiteThe style mechanism
2012-08-12 Thomas WhiteClarify layout logic
2012-06-14 Thomas WhiteSimplify...
2012-04-18 Thomas WhiteUpdate...
2012-04-17 Thomas WhiteStart cleaning out...
2012-04-10 Thomas WhiteWork on frames and storycode
2011-12-18 Thomas WhiteAuto-furniture: part 1
2011-11-10 Thomas WhiteBackground gradient stuff
2011-11-10 Thomas WhiteMove stylesheet deserialization to stylesheet.c
2011-11-10 Thomas WhiteBasic background object rendering
2011-11-04 Thomas WhiteLoad stylesheet from presentation file
2011-11-03 Thomas WhiteAdd most of the serializer
2011-10-20 Thomas WhiteThe serializer
2011-09-25 Thomas WhiteMore updates...
2011-09-25 Thomas WhiteFirst part of new concept for styles and layout elements
2011-08-10 Thomas WhitePlug in style and layout stuff to UI
2011-08-01 Thomas WhiteFinish plumbing
2011-07-26 Thomas Whitehalign / valign
2011-07-24 Thomas WhiteStyle sheet plumbing
2011-07-23 Thomas WhiteLots of work on style sheet mechanism
2011-07-16 Thomas WhiteMenu layout and initial stylesheet window stuff