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2018-10-29 Thomas WhiteSwitch to "fancy" save window
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'json-stylesheets'
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteRemove debug json-stylesheets
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteHandle condition of no stylesheet, and load default...
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteAllow alpha values for stylesheet colours
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteUpdate values from stylesheet editor
2018-10-27 Thomas WhiteAvoid copious strcatting for stylesheet lookups
2018-10-25 Thomas WhiteSet values in stylesheet editor
2018-10-22 Thomas WhiteWrap cairo_{save,restore} around paragraph rendering...
2018-10-22 Thomas WhiteRemove struct print_stuff->{is,storename}
2018-10-21 Thomas WhiteFull order of precedence for finding stylesheets
2018-10-21 Thomas WhiteHonour alignment in stylesheet
2018-10-21 Thomas WhiteTry <documentname>.ss for stylesheet
2018-10-20 Thomas WhiteRemove legacy API cruft
2018-10-20 Thomas WhiteRemove template stuff
2018-10-20 Thomas WhiteAppend new block inside frame top level block
2018-10-19 Thomas WhiteGet rid of remaining rscblock/rbl/mrb stuff
2018-10-18 Thomas WhiteSet paragraph spacing from stylesheet
2018-10-18 Thomas WhiteSet slide size from stylesheet
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteApply most styles
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteInitial style lookup
2018-10-17 Thomas WhitePass stylesheet around
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteSwitch to new Stylesheet type
2018-10-17 Thomas WhiteStrip out macro system
2018-10-08 Thomas WhiteFormatting fussiness
2018-08-07 Thomas WhiteFix find_replace
2018-08-06 Thomas WhiteFrame background stuff
2018-07-08 Thomas WhiteRemove noisy error message
2018-07-08 Thomas WhiteHook up lots of stylesheet editor stuff
2018-07-06 Thomas WhiteStylesheet editor plumbing
2018-07-06 Thomas WhiteExpose sc_interp_run_style()
2018-06-29 Thomas WhiteAlways count paragraphs if using presentation without...
2018-06-26 Thomas WhiteMake default background colour white
2018-06-26 Thomas WhiteAdd style system
2018-06-26 Thomas WhiteGet rid of old printf
2018-06-24 Thomas WhitePreparation for new style model
2018-05-05 Thomas WhiteKeep frame background in SCInterpreter state
2018-05-01 Thomas WhiteGet rid of stylesheet lists and add stylesheet change...
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteCreate stylesheet if it's not there already
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteInitialise fgcol
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteImplement setting default fg colour
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteImplement setting default font
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteWhitespace
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteShow stylesheet storycode in editor
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteAdd serialise_sc_block_chain()
2018-04-29 Thomas WhiteRearrange prototypes
2018-04-23 Thomas WhiteInitialise StylesheetEditor default font and fgcol
2018-04-23 Thomas Whiteshow_error: Use literal format string
2018-04-23 Thomas WhiteAvoid crashiness if deletion SCBlock ends up as NULL
2018-04-22 Thomas WhiteAdd preliminary stylesheet editor
2018-04-22 Thomas WhitePut all menu definitions into one resource
2018-04-22 Thomas WhiteUpdate --help
2018-04-16 Thomas WhiteCut and paste stuff
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteTidy up nw_entries_p
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteRemove vestigial code
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteSet transient parent for about box
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteUse license_type in about box
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteInternationalise all strings in source code
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteSet spacing on callback paragraphs
2018-04-15 Thomas WhiteRationalise interpretation of paragraph spacing
2018-04-12 Thomas WhiteAdd translator-credits
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteReplace p->filename with p->uri, get rid of p->titlebar...
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteIf a paragraph is completely empty, allow it to be...
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteAdd more translation labels and get rid of redundant...
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteFix translation options
2018-04-11 Thomas WhiteAdd gettext stuff
2018-04-01 Thomas WhiteCache raw image sizes
2018-04-01 Thomas WhiteUse GFile to save presentations
2018-04-01 Thomas WhiteAdd menu item to show introductory doc
2018-04-01 Thomas WhiteUse GFile for presentation loading
2018-03-31 Thomas WhiteUse GResource for app menu and menu bar
2018-03-31 Thomas WhiteUse GResource for sky.png
2018-03-31 Thomas WhiteUse gtk_application_prefers_app_menu
2018-03-31 Thomas WhiteDon't unref the GtkBuilder when it's still needed
2018-03-31 Thomas WhiteEnsure cursor is somewhere before adding slide
2018-03-30 Thomas WhiteExtra debugging
2018-03-30 Thomas WhiteFix narrative print
2018-03-30 Thomas WhiteDo all rendering one level higher
2018-03-29 Thomas WhiteDon't try to insert text if cursor_frame=NULL
2018-03-28 Thomas WhiteSet frame->scblocks one level higher for top frame...
2018-03-28 Thomas WhiteRearrange editability checks when inserting text
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating an empty run when importing an image
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteSet newline when splitting text paragraph
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteImprove "about" box
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteUse application menu only if it will be used be the...
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteAdd option to hide pointer (or not)
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteEnsure no empty paragraphs before deleting
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteAdd \lalign and \center (and show them off)
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteRemove merge_paragraph
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show ONLY blocks in frame
2018-03-23 Thomas WhiteAdd \ralign
2018-03-22 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show blocks in frame (not top of editor)
2018-03-22 Thomas WhiteFix newpara logic
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteAdd missing prototype
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteFix #includes
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRemove remnants of ancient structures
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteMove load_everything() to utils
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRevert "Increase line spacing"
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteSet paragraph scblock/rscblock when splitting
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteCreate a run when placing cursor in an empty paragraph