5 days ago Thomas WhiteClarify string length master
5 days ago Thomas WhiteImplement text deletion and paragraph splitting in...
5 days ago Thomas Whitegtknv_end_offset_of_para: Add missing initialisation
6 days ago Thomas WhiteRestore slide text insertion
6 days ago Thomas WhiteFix gtksv_end_offset_of_para for runs
6 days ago Thomas WhiteTake paraspace into account in cursor calculations
6 days ago Thomas WhiteKeep 'run' out of struct slide_pos
6 days ago Thomas WhiteWhitespace fussiness
6 days ago Thomas WhiteMake symbol names unique across all files
11 days ago Thomas WhiteRemove old test lines from
11 days ago Thomas WhiteFix narrative_pos_trail_to_offset for runs (use which_run) narrative_runs
11 days ago Thomas WhiteRestore text deletion in narrative
11 days ago Thomas Whitenarrative_pos_trail_to_offset: Consider end of run...
11 days ago Thomas WhiteRemove variable which was only used once
11 days ago Thomas WhiteRestore paragraph splitting
11 days ago Thomas WhiteImplement which_run()
11 days ago Thomas WhiteFix run determination when inserting text
11 days ago Thomas WhiteClean up stylesheet parser a bit
11 days ago Thomas WhiteUse characters instead of SQOPEN/SQCLOSE
11 days ago Thomas WhiteGet rid of spctx completely
11 days ago Thomas WhiteSlides should not add themselves to the narrative
11 days ago Thomas WhiteAdd missing default
11 days ago Thomas Whitenarrative_debug: Show slide details
11 days ago Thomas WhiteGet slide out of parser context
11 days ago Thomas WhiteHandle ':\n' (no space after colon)
11 days ago Thomas WhiteFormatting fussiness
11 days ago Thomas Whitewrite_item: Use write_para
11 days ago Thomas WhiteFormatting
11 days ago Thomas Whitewrite_para: Escape special chars in the run text
11 days ago Thomas WhiteAdd missing initialisation
11 days ago Thomas WhiteFix function calls
11 days ago Thomas WhiteConcatenate multiple RUN_TEXTs within emphasis blocks
11 days ago Thomas WhiteRemove debug
11 days ago Thomas WhiteAdd FIXMEs
11 days ago Thomas WhiteParse emphasis blocks in Bison
2019-09-16 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc
2019-09-16 Thomas WhiteParser fixes
2019-09-14 Thomas WhiteHandle *bold* in parser, rather than as a separate...
2019-08-25 Thomas WhiteFix *bold* etc
2019-08-18 Thomas WhiteHandle *bold*, /italic/ etc
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteFix crash when adding an image with a frame already...
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteRemove old code
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteImplement end of presentation marker
2019-05-24 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph splitting logic
2019-05-09 Thomas WhiteAdd end of presentation marker
2019-05-09 Thomas WhiteClean up narrative item size arithmetic
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteBeautify cursor and selection highlight for slides
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2019-05-04 Thomas WhiteFix deletion logic
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteImprove behaviour of paragraph splitting (when insertin...
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteFix crashes caused by toolbar paragraph motion buttons
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteRename README to, and bring it up to date
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement deletion of items
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAdd slide_delete_item()
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAdd missing get_type
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement Insert->Image
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement "revert" button for stylesheet editor
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAccept a stylesheet (alone) as a Storycode document
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFree stylesheets properly
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDelete blank paragraph from demo doc
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove old tests
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRedraw window after printing
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc, as saved by latest version
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteAdd style for footer
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteClose slide windows when closing narrative
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove slide windows from narrative window's record...
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteSet title bar of slide window properly
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteMove declarations
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDon't make stylesheet editor transient for narrative
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDon't accidentally add scientific notation for numbers...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteStylesheetEditor: avoid setting attributes if the corre...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteUse GEOMETRY for slide size
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteAdd an empty text item is the narrative is empty after...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteAdd an assertion
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteCreate stylesheet with narrative
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteTrap possible error case
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteHonour background in text frames
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteHonour paragraph spacing in text frames
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRemove old includes
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteGet rid of SlideItem->resizable
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteUse geometry from stylesheet for items other than TEXT...
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRedraw slide windows when stylesheet is changed
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDon't set alignment for narrative
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDisable stylesheet elements which shouldn't exist
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDefer re-wrapping until redraw
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteSet padding and paraspace
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteSet all units on geometry
2019-04-28 Thomas Whitegtk_narrative_view_redraw: also re-wrap the text
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteConnect up all signals
2019-04-27 Thomas WhiteNew way of defining StylesheetEditorPrivate
2019-04-27 Thomas WhiteImplement selection of style in editor
2019-04-26 Thomas WhitePopulate stylesheet editor list
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteAdd API for getting style tree
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteGet rid of "enum style_element"
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteClear tree store before adding style names
2019-04-23 Thomas WhiteStyle selector wip2
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteRedraw narrative window on stylesheet change
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteTree store testing