9 days ago Thomas WhiteUpdate with more information master
2020-04-20 Thomas WhiteUse stylesheet_editor_get_instance_private instead...
2020-01-26 Thomas WhiteFix double accounting of padding
2020-01-26 Thomas WhiteEnsure run exists after placing cursor
2020-01-25 Thomas WhitePut the cursor in the right place after adding narrativ...
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesshet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteImplement Slide->Add presentation title
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesheet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUse embedded default stylesheet for new presentations
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteImplement loading stylesheets
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesheet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteDon't write empty runs
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteNo text in new text frame narrative_segments
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteFix semantics of slide_add_item
2020-01-24 Thomas WhiteAdd all remaining narrative items
2020-01-24 Thomas WhiteInsert bullet points
2020-01-24 Thomas WhiteGet rid of narrative_add_*, use narrative_insert_*...
2020-01-23 Thomas WhiteRemove extraneous "extern"
2020-01-23 Thomas WhiteNumbering on the timing ruler
2020-01-21 Thomas WhiteAdd basic timing ruler
2020-01-14 Thomas WhiteAdd space for timing ruler
2020-01-14 Thomas WhiteAdd narrative_get_item_range()
2020-01-14 Thomas WhiteTrack time taken for each narrative item
2020-01-13 Thomas WhiteStyling for segment start markers
2020-01-12 Thomas WhiteAdd segment start/end markers
2020-01-12 Thomas Whitelookup_style: Check that path isn't NULL
2020-01-12 Thomas WhiteGeneralise draw_marker()
2020-01-12 Thomas WhiteAdd missing cast
2020-01-12 Thomas WhiteMake the lexer and parser re-entrant
2020-01-06 Thomas WhiteFix modifier keys
2020-01-06 Thomas WhiteFixes for copy, add text paste and hooks for SC paste
2020-01-05 Thomas WhiteCut/copy in Storycode format
2020-01-04 Thomas WhiteCut/copy in text format
2019-12-22 Thomas WhiteVertical cursor motion in narrative and slide text...
2019-12-06 Thomas WhiteDefer rendering of slide thumbnails until the first...
2019-12-06 Thomas WhiteDraw only visible narrative objects
2019-10-11 Thomas WhiteClarify string length
2019-10-11 Thomas WhiteImplement text deletion and paragraph splitting in...
2019-10-11 Thomas Whitegtknv_end_offset_of_para: Add missing initialisation
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteRestore slide text insertion
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteFix gtksv_end_offset_of_para for runs
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteTake paraspace into account in cursor calculations
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteKeep 'run' out of struct slide_pos
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteWhitespace fussiness
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteMake symbol names unique across all files
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRemove old test lines from
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFix narrative_pos_trail_to_offset for runs (use which_run) narrative_runs
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRestore text deletion in narrative
2019-10-05 Thomas Whitenarrative_pos_trail_to_offset: Consider end of run...
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRemove variable which was only used once
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRestore paragraph splitting
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteImplement which_run()
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFix run determination when inserting text
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteClean up stylesheet parser a bit
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteUse characters instead of SQOPEN/SQCLOSE
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteGet rid of spctx completely
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteSlides should not add themselves to the narrative
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteAdd missing default
2019-10-05 Thomas Whitenarrative_debug: Show slide details
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteGet slide out of parser context
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteHandle ':\n' (no space after colon)
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFormatting fussiness
2019-10-05 Thomas Whitewrite_item: Use write_para
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2019-10-05 Thomas Whitewrite_para: Escape special chars in the run text
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteAdd missing initialisation
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteFix function calls
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteConcatenate multiple RUN_TEXTs within emphasis blocks
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteRemove debug
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteAdd FIXMEs
2019-10-05 Thomas WhiteParse emphasis blocks in Bison
2019-09-16 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc
2019-09-16 Thomas WhiteParser fixes
2019-09-14 Thomas WhiteHandle *bold* in parser, rather than as a separate...
2019-08-25 Thomas WhiteFix *bold* etc
2019-08-18 Thomas WhiteHandle *bold*, /italic/ etc
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteFix crash when adding an image with a frame already...
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteRemove old code
2019-08-13 Thomas WhiteImplement end of presentation marker
2019-05-24 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph splitting logic
2019-05-09 Thomas WhiteAdd end of presentation marker
2019-05-09 Thomas WhiteClean up narrative item size arithmetic
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteBeautify cursor and selection highlight for slides
2019-05-07 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2019-05-04 Thomas WhiteFix deletion logic
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteImprove behaviour of paragraph splitting (when insertin...
2019-05-03 Thomas WhiteFix crashes caused by toolbar paragraph motion buttons
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteRename README to, and bring it up to date
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement deletion of items
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAdd slide_delete_item()
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAdd missing get_type
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement Insert->Image
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement "revert" button for stylesheet editor
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAccept a stylesheet (alone) as a Storycode document
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFree stylesheets properly
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDelete blank paragraph from demo doc
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove old tests
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRedraw window after printing
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc, as saved by latest version