2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating an empty run when importing an image
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteSet newline when splitting text paragraph
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteImprove "about" box
2018-03-27 Thomas WhiteUse application menu only if it will be used be the...
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteWork on logo
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteAdd option to hide pointer (or not)
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteEnsure no empty paragraphs before deleting
2018-03-26 Thomas WhiteLogo improvements
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteAdd \lalign and \center (and show them off)
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteRemove merge_paragraph
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteMore improvements to demo doc
2018-03-25 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show ONLY blocks in frame
2018-03-23 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc
2018-03-23 Thomas WhiteAdd \ralign
2018-03-23 Thomas WhiteUse SVG version of alpha_warning
2018-03-22 Thomas WhiteShift+F7 show blocks in frame (not top of editor)
2018-03-22 Thomas WhiteFix newpara logic
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteAdd missing prototype
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteFix #includes
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRemove remnants of ancient structures
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteMove load_everything() to utils
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRemove tests/.gitignore
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteRevert "Increase line spacing"
2018-03-19 Thomas WhiteSet paragraph scblock/rscblock when splitting
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteCreate a run when placing cursor in an empty paragraph
2018-03-18 Thomas Whitedebugger: Tidy up and simplify
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteDisallow insertion and deletion unless scblock==rscblock
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteRemove \callback
2018-03-18 Thomas WhiteSet scblock/rscblock even for text paragraphs
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteUse edit_pos instead of cursor_{para,pos,trail}
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Paragraph->open
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteAdd mdep to render_test_sc1 and render_test
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteRemove dummy runs
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteDelete whole paragraphs if they are non-text
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteShow SCBlocks for image/callback paragraphs in debugger
2018-03-12 Thomas WhiteAdd rscblocks for image and callback paragraphs
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteRename some functions to make them unique
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAvoid crash when deleting in a non-text paragraph
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAvoid creating extra ImageStores
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteRemove .gitignore
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteRemove NEWS
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteUpdate README
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteFail cleanly if background pixbuf can't be loaded
2018-03-11 Thomas WhiteAdd Meson bits for tests, icon and desktop file
2018-03-10 Thomas WhiteShow rscblocks in debugger
2018-03-10 Thomas WhiteFixes for paragraph splitting
2018-03-10 Thomas Whiteshow_para(): Show rscblocks as well
2018-03-10 Thomas WhiteAdd Meson build system
2018-03-10 Thomas WhiteRemove autotools
2018-03-08 Thomas WhiteDon't open debugger if no frame is selected
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteRemove len_bytes from add_run
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteDon't create runs for \newpara
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2018-03-07 Thomas WhiteAdd a warning
2018-03-04 Thomas WhiteAdd a warning
2018-03-04 Thomas WhiteParagraph splitting fixes
2018-03-04 Thomas WhiteText insertion fix
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteBetter handling of paragraph ends in which_run
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteMake which_run strictly exclusive when deciding which run
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteFix a memory bug in exec_macro
2018-03-03 Thomas Whitescan_runs_for_scblock: Check scblock as well as rscblock
2018-03-03 Thomas Whitedelete_run: Stop moving too many runs
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove text_run offsets and lengths
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteRemove macro_real_block and friends, and delete text...
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteAdd some warnings
2018-03-03 Thomas WhiteDisable blank cursor
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteIncrease line spacing
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteAdd SCBlocks into editor at right level
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteComplain if frame can't be created
2018-02-23 Thomas WhiteCreate frame at the right SC level
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove unused variables
2018-02-19 Thomas WhiteRemove text run SCBlock offset
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteUpdate comment
2018-02-16 Thomas WhiteRecord whether or not macro is editable
2018-02-04 Thomas WhiteFix next/previous slide in slide window
2018-01-29 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2018-01-29 Thomas WhiteFix incorrect handling when first frame is deleted
2018-01-25 Thomas WhiteFix slide numbers in narrative window
2018-01-25 Thomas WhiteUse custom slide size in narrative print
2018-01-25 Thomas WhiteFix slide size in slide only print
2018-01-25 Thomas WhiteFix slide numbers in narrative print
2018-01-19 Thomas WhiteInhibit screensaver using native GTK method
2018-01-19 Thomas WhiteFix button label in save box
2018-01-19 Thomas WhiteImplement Open menu item
2018-01-19 Thomas WhiteUpdate about box
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteMass update of copyright dates
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteTry deleting based on macro contents if paragraphs...
2018-01-18 Thomas Whitesc_block_delete/unlink: Pass error condition back up...
2018-01-18 Thomas WhiteStore macro contents block in text run
2018-01-10 Thomas WhiteRemove vestigial default stylesheet stuff
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteSingle monitor mode for slideshow
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteDon't unref blank cursor if it was never allocated
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteAdd option to start presentation without slides (timing...
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteGUI slide title adding
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteCopy and paste entire frames
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteGet slide size from stylesheet
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteChange slide shape to 16:9, with FIXMEs
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteSlideshow: Handle letterboxing both ways