2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement Insert->Image
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteImplement "revert" button for stylesheet editor
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteAccept a stylesheet (alone) as a Storycode document
2019-05-02 Thomas WhiteFree stylesheets properly
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDelete blank paragraph from demo doc
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove old tests
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRedraw window after printing
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc, as saved by latest version
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteAdd style for footer
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteClose slide windows when closing narrative
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteRemove slide windows from narrative window's record...
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteSet title bar of slide window properly
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteMove declarations
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDon't make stylesheet editor transient for narrative
2019-05-01 Thomas WhiteDon't accidentally add scientific notation for numbers...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteStylesheetEditor: avoid setting attributes if the corre...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteUse GEOMETRY for slide size
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteAdd an empty text item is the narrative is empty after...
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteAdd an assertion
2019-04-30 Thomas WhiteCreate stylesheet with narrative
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteTrap possible error case
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteHonour background in text frames
2019-04-29 Thomas WhiteHonour paragraph spacing in text frames
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRemove old includes
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteGet rid of SlideItem->resizable
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteUse geometry from stylesheet for items other than TEXT...
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteRedraw slide windows when stylesheet is changed
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDon't set alignment for narrative
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDisable stylesheet elements which shouldn't exist
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteDefer re-wrapping until redraw
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteSet padding and paraspace
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteSet all units on geometry
2019-04-28 Thomas Whitegtk_narrative_view_redraw: also re-wrap the text
2019-04-28 Thomas WhiteConnect up all signals
2019-04-27 Thomas WhiteNew way of defining StylesheetEditorPrivate
2019-04-27 Thomas WhiteImplement selection of style in editor
2019-04-26 Thomas WhitePopulate stylesheet editor list
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteAdd API for getting style tree
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteGet rid of "enum style_element"
2019-04-26 Thomas WhiteClear tree store before adding style names
2019-04-23 Thomas WhiteStyle selector
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteRedraw narrative window on stylesheet change
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteTree store testing
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteMake it compile
2019-04-15 Thomas WhiteInitial stylesheet editor
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteRemove src-old folder sc2
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteGet rid of "delete slide"
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteForce redraw after adding slide title
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteDouble-click slide to jump to it during slideshow
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteCheck cursor visible after move
2019-04-14 Thomas WhiteKeep paragraph centered in narrative during slideshow
2019-04-13 Thomas WhiteMake clock unique to narrative window, and fix cleanup...
2019-04-13 Thomas WhiteRestore printing
2019-04-13 Thomas WhiteAdd narrative_item_get_height() and narrative_render_it...
2019-04-08 Thomas WhiteRestore slide export to PDF
2019-04-08 Thomas WhiteMove render_slides_to_pdf to slide_render_cairo
2019-04-08 Thomas WhiteFix colour types
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteSave default slide size in stylesheet
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteIf a colour is read as a hex code, save it that way too
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteSave slides
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteParsing fixes
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteStylesheet saving fixes
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteFix indentation in demo doc
2019-04-06 Thomas WhiteRemove empty file
2019-04-04 Thomas WhiteWrite narrative
2019-04-04 Thomas WhiteSave stylesheet
2019-04-02 Thomas WhiteStylesheet saving skeleton
2019-04-02 Thomas WhiteHooks for style cascading system
2019-04-02 Thomas WhiteDon't g_object_ref(NULL)
2019-03-31 Thomas WhiteSaving hooks
2019-03-30 Thomas WhiteGet rid of Presentation structure
2019-03-30 Thomas WhiteImplement "add slide"
2019-03-29 Thomas WhiteCatch attempt to advance paragraph past end of narrative
2019-03-28 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph highlight geometry
2019-03-28 Thomas WhiteRestore slideshow and clock
2019-03-27 Thomas WhiteShow modified status in narrative title bar
2019-03-24 Thomas WhiteHandle upside-down text frame creation
2019-03-24 Thomas WhiteImplement image import
2019-03-24 Thomas WhiteRemove unused function
2019-03-24 Thomas WhiteImplement new text frames in slides
2019-03-24 Thomas WhiteImplement text selection in slides
2019-03-23 Thomas WhiteImplement slide text deletion
2019-03-23 Thomas WhiteCombine slide text strings and layouts in one structure
2019-03-22 Thomas WhiteRestore test card
2019-03-22 Thomas WhiteCatch cursor_frame == NULL before inserting text
2019-03-21 Thomas WhiteImplement slide text paragraph splitting
2019-03-21 Thomas WhiteExpose SlideItem as an opaque type
2019-03-21 Thomas WhiteUpdate PangoLayout before moving cursor after text...
2019-03-21 Thomas WhiteImplement slide text insertion
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteShow padding boundaries in editing box
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteFix Pango warning when moving cursor off the end of...
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteUnset selection when changing slide
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteCursor position stuff
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteFrame resize stuff
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteSet slide pointer
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteAdd missing file
2019-03-18 Thomas WhiteInitial slide clicky stuff
2019-03-15 Thomas WhiteInitial GtkSlideView