2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteSingle monitor mode for slideshow
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteDon't unref blank cursor if it was never allocated
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteAdd option to start presentation without slides (timing...
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteFussiness
2018-01-05 Thomas WhiteGUI slide title adding
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteCopy and paste entire frames
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteGet slide size from stylesheet
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteChange slide shape to 16:9, with FIXMEs
2018-01-04 Thomas WhiteSlideshow: Handle letterboxing both ways
2017-12-06 Thomas WhiteFix some FIXMEs
2017-12-06 Thomas WhiteHandle typing into other non-text paragraph types
2017-12-04 Thomas WhiteUse newer API for full screen presentation
2017-12-04 Thomas WhiteGo directly to PangoContext
2017-12-03 Thomas WhiteType "into" slide thumbnail without full rerender
2017-12-02 Thomas WhiteDisable up/down buttons at end of slideshow
2017-12-02 Thomas WhiteAdd option to start slideshow in the middle
2017-12-01 Thomas WhiteCentering of test card stuff
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteNo text selection in paragraph highlight mode
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteDebugging stuff
2017-11-30 Thomas WhiteSCEditor scaled view fixes
2017-11-29 Thomas WhiteScale the slide in the slide window
2017-11-28 Thomas WhiteImageStore LRU system
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse ImageStore to get image size
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteUse config file for image store pathname
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteDon't crash if image is not found
2017-11-26 Thomas WhiteRender callbacks with higher resolution when writing...
2017-11-23 Thomas WhiteRender images at the correct size
2017-11-23 Thomas WhiteGet rid of image size stuff
2017-11-21 Thomas WhiteCalculate image sizes to fill frames horizontally
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteRemove unnecessary newline stuff
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDon't try to split in a NULL frame
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteSet selection to NULL after importing image, because...
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteInitialise image para space to zero
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDon't add empty text blocks
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteFix paragraph highlight for spacing
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteUnset selection before creating a new frame
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteSet right fontdesc for \newpara runs (in case we type...
2017-11-19 Thomas WhiteDragging fixes
2017-11-19 Thomas Whitepos_trail_to_offset(): Special case for \newpara
2017-11-12 Thomas WhiteDebug stuff (revert me later)
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteAvoid some NULL dereferences
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteHandle NULL PangoContext some more
2017-10-26 Thomas Whitescblock_delete_text(): Add a warning
2017-10-26 Thomas WhiteDelete newpara runs when deleting a paragraph
2017-10-23 Thomas WhiteHandle NULL PangoContext
2017-10-23 Thomas WhiteEnsure initialisation of cursor position
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteDon't eliminate empty runs
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc for shift key
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteHold shift to create, resize or move
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteDon't rewrap if paragraph is NULL
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteAdd show_edit_pos()
2017-10-22 Thomas WhiteRewrap the paragraph range in the correct frame (!)
2017-10-22 Thomas Whitedebugger: Show SCBlock for newline at end
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteRemove more unnecessary messing around with \n
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteMake one of the tests a bit harder
2017-10-19 Thomas WhiteTrack the newlines at ends of paragraphs directly
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteFix button modifier masks
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteUpdate demo doc
2017-10-17 Thomas WhiteTrack newlines at end of paragraphs
2017-10-08 Thomas WhiteDelete text when inserting with block selected
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteDon't try to calculate an offset in a non-text paragraph
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteAvoid looking up cursor position in non-text paragraph
2017-09-24 Thomas Whiteupdate_font(): Show font name if it can't be loaded
2017-09-24 Thomas Whitedraw_caret(): Use pos_trail_to_offset()
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteJump back into empty paragraphs correctly
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteZero-length blocks are OK
2017-09-24 Thomas WhiteHandle paragraph split at end of paragraph
2017-09-11 Thomas WhiteFix incorrect handling of paragraph split already on...
2017-09-08 Thomas WhiteRemove fix_scblock_offsets, fix subsequent paragraphs...
2017-09-03 Thomas WhiteUse new display/monitor API
2017-09-03 Thomas Whitedebugger: Avoid problems when a run gets deleted
2017-09-03 Thomas WhiteComment out unused variables
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteOnly unset selection if it is active
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteEliminate empty runs after delete
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteMove debugging routines up
2017-08-13 Thomas WhiteWork on debugger
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteAdd some missing casts
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteImplement debugger
2017-08-10 Thomas WhiteInitial work on debugger
2017-07-07 Thomas WhiteWIP
2017-07-07 Thomas WhiteDemo doc
2017-06-07 Thomas WhiteUpdate paragraph indices when deleting
2017-06-07 Thomas WhiteImplement delete_paragraph()
2017-05-28 Thomas WhiteUpdate deletion end offset when shortening runs
2017-05-21 Thomas WhiteFix character offsets
2017-05-20 Thomas WhiteSet cursor position after block delete
2017-03-27 Thomas WhiteDelete selected text
2017-03-05 Thomas WhiteTrack whether selection is active or not
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteCreate a new SCBlock when we create the first paragraph...
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteAdd a comment
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteSubstitute style sheet when there was no stylesheet...
2017-03-02 Thomas Whitesc_block_delete() may change the top block
2017-03-02 Thomas WhiteCall g_type_init only when GLib is old
2017-02-08 Thomas WhiteSubstitution fixes
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteSet narrative stylesheet when replacing it
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteChange stylesheet
2017-02-04 Thomas WhiteUpdate about box
2017-01-24 Thomas WhiteImplement text selection