descriptionNarrative-based presentation system
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2020-04-20 Thomas WhiteUse stylesheet_editor_get_instance_private instead...
2020-01-26 Thomas WhiteFix double accounting of padding
2020-01-26 Thomas WhiteEnsure run exists after placing cursor
2020-01-25 Thomas WhitePut the cursor in the right place after adding narrativ...
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesshet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteImplement Slide->Add presentation title
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesheet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUse embedded default stylesheet for new presentations
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteImplement loading stylesheets
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate default stylesheet
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteDon't write empty runs
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteNo text in new text frame narrative_segments
2020-01-25 Thomas WhiteFix semantics of slide_add_item
2020-01-24 Thomas WhiteAdd all remaining narrative items
2020-01-24 Thomas WhiteInsert bullet points
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