descriptionNarrative-based presentation system
ownerThomas White
last changeSun, 12 Jan 2020 23:04:55 +0000 (00:04 +0100)
7 days ago Thomas Whitelookup_style: Check that path isn't NULL master
7 days ago Thomas WhiteGeneralise draw_marker()
7 days ago Thomas WhiteAdd missing cast
8 days ago Thomas WhiteMake the lexer and parser re-entrant
13 days ago Thomas WhiteFix modifier keys
13 days ago Thomas WhiteFixes for copy, add text paste and hooks for SC paste
2020-01-05 Thomas WhiteCut/copy in Storycode format
2020-01-04 Thomas WhiteCut/copy in text format
2019-12-22 Thomas WhiteVertical cursor motion in narrative and slide text...
2019-12-06 Thomas WhiteDefer rendering of slide thumbnails until the first...
2019-12-06 Thomas WhiteDraw only visible narrative objects
2019-10-11 Thomas WhiteClarify string length
2019-10-11 Thomas WhiteImplement text deletion and paragraph splitting in...
2019-10-11 Thomas Whitegtknv_end_offset_of_para: Add missing initialisation
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteRestore slide text insertion
2019-10-10 Thomas WhiteFix gtksv_end_offset_of_para for runs
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