4 days ago Thomas WhiteCopy target cell's lattice type and unique axis into... master
2019-09-26 Thomas WhiteRestore CMake stuff for PinkIndexer
2019-09-25 Thomas WhiteAdd configuration check for argp
2019-09-25 Thomas WhiteUpdate ChangeLog
2019-09-25 Thomas Whitetests/rational_check: Fix wrong brackets
2019-09-23 Thomas WhiteAdd missing initialisation
2019-09-23 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Stop program on option parsing error
2019-09-23 Thomas WhiteGet rid of "rescut" integration flag
2019-09-23 Thomas WhiteRemove private option structures from iargs
2019-09-23 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'tom/pinkindexer'
2019-09-23 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Move 'profile' flag out of iargs
2019-09-23 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Restore --min-gradient
2019-09-20 Thomas WhiteAdd missing 'break'
2019-09-20 Thomas WhiteDelegate option processing for indexing methods
2019-09-18 Thomas WhiteUpdate ChangeLog
2019-09-17 Thomas WhiteAdd warning if reflections could not be integrated...
2019-09-16 Thomas WhiteFix cell comparison logic
2019-09-13 Thomas WhiteRemove check for gtk-doc
2019-09-13 Thomas WhiteRemove unused checks
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFix sign of zl comparison
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteRestore default bandwidth (if not specified in geometry...
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFix logic
2019-09-12 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Get rid of --fix-bandwidth / use bandwidth...
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteForce --no-check-peaks and --no-refine if pinkIndexer...
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteIncrease indexing timeout when using pinkIndexer
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteAdd indexing_methods() to examine the actual list of...
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteRemove message directing to old option
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteAvoid duplication of beam and detector parameters for...
2019-09-12 Yaroslav Gevorkovbug fix: asking for detector distance != 0 instad of...
2019-09-12 Thomas WhitepinkIndexer: Remove debugging messages
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteAccept --indexing=pinkindexer (lower case)
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteSet task name for PinkIndexer
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFix header include path
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFormat help items for pinkIndexer
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteAdd GPL boilerplate
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteWhitespace
2019-09-12 Thomas WhitepinkIndexer: Formatting, and get rid of tmp_enum
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteUse hard-coded default bandwidth for pinkIndexer
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteUse +INFINITY instead of FLT_MAX
2019-09-12 Yaroslav GevorkovAdd pinkIndexer interface
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFix possibly uninitialised overlap_integral
2019-09-12 Thomas WhiteFix possibly uninitialised CiAMCB
2019-09-10 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Add --peaks=none
2019-09-10 Thomas Whitesort_peaks(): Handle NULL peak list
2019-09-09 Thomas Whiteturbo-index-slurm: Remove --workdir option
2019-09-06 Thomas WhiteUse new peak check only when doing multi-lattice indexing
2019-09-06 Thomas WhiteNew check for indexing solutions (copied across from...
2019-09-05 Thomas Whiteprocess_hkl: Set kpred for all reflections to image...
2019-09-05 Thomas Whitepartialator: Correct polarisation after update_predicti...
2019-09-05 Thomas WhiteAllow the polarsation correction to be completely disabled
2019-09-03 Thomas WhiteFix memory leak in event queue
2019-09-03 Thomas WhiteFix memory leaks in cell comparison
2019-09-03 Thomas Whiteget_detector_geometry_from_string: Fix memory leaks
2019-09-02 Thomas WhiteAdd tests/polarisation_check (not in 'make test' list)
2019-09-02 Thomas Whiteindexamajig(1): Fix capitalisation
2019-09-02 Thomas WhiteDon't need separate wavelength for polarisation correction
2019-09-02 Thomas Whiteprocess_hkl,partialator: Allow arbitrary direction...
2019-08-29 Thomas Whitecompare_reindexed_cell_parameters: Increase number...
2019-08-29 Thomas Whiteprediction_gradient_check: Reduce bandwidth
2019-08-29 Thomas WhiteFix comment
2019-08-29 Thomas WhiteUse compare_cell_parameters for after-refinement cell...
2019-08-29 Thomas Whiteindexamajig: Remove --no-cell-combinations
2019-08-29 Thomas Whitemosflm: Rename check_cell to check_mosflm_cell
2019-08-28 Thomas Whiteprediction_gradient_check, prof2d_check: Set up Spectru...
2019-08-28 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'tom/newcellcheck'
2019-08-28 Thomas Whitecompare_reindexed_cell_parameters: (Sort of) intelligen...
2019-08-28 Thomas WhiteRationalise matrix mutliplication
2019-08-28 Thomas Whitecell_explorer: Add a warning
2019-08-28 Thomas WhiteAvoid converting IntegerMatrix to RationalMatrix
2019-08-27 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Clarify interpretation of tolerances
2019-08-26 Thomas Whitecell_tool: Just do all the comparisons, get rid of...
2019-08-26 Thomas WhiteFix resolution estimation
2019-08-26 Thomas WhiteFormatting/fussiness
2019-08-26 Wolfgang Brehmloop prediction for gaussian sum spectrum
2019-08-26 Wolfgang Brehmadd stable inline mean variance function
2019-08-23 Thomas WhiteFix Niggli reduction logic
2019-08-22 Thomas Whitecellcompare_check: Fix terminology, and reduce number...
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteRemove match_cell and match_cell_ab
2019-08-22 Thomas Whitecellcompare_check: Variable for number of trials
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteFix matrix multiplication
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteFinal implementation of Niggli-based cell comparison
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteTidy up comparison function definitions
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteClean up / debug
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteDetermine cell reduction tolerance automatically
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteWorking Niggli reduction
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteAdd cell_get_G6() and corresponding structure
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteFramework for new unit cell comparison function
2019-08-22 Thomas WhiteG6 cell reduction
2019-08-16 Thomas Whiteg6_distance: Take UnitCell
2019-08-16 Thomas Whitecellcompare_check: Progress bars
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteDon't use H centering for cell comparison check
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteReduce range of reindexing matrices
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteSet centering on input cell
2019-08-16 Thomas WhitePass transformation matrix for debugging
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteImplement random reindexing matrix
2019-08-16 Thomas White"Final" cellcompare_check
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteAdd cellcompare_check
2019-08-16 Thomas Whitecompare_permuted_cell_parameters{_and_orientation}...
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteAdd intmat_zero
2019-08-16 Thomas WhiteClarify cell vs reference in comparison functions....