descriptionTest programs for Glamo DRI
ownerThomas White
last changeThu, 27 May 2010 19:14:06 +0000 (21:14 +0200)
2010-05-27 Martin Jansadrm headers moved from drm dir to libdrm master
2010-05-26 Martin Jansadrm headers moved from drm dir to libdrm
2009-11-09 Thomas WhiteAdd new test: gdrm-waitq
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteAdd notes reminding that gdri-cmdq-submission and gdri...
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteAdd new test: gdrm-burst-cmdq
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteUse memset instead of a for loop
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteFix comments
2009-08-09 Thomas WhiteUse libDRM functions instead of bom->funcs etc
2009-08-04 Thomas WhiteReport if getresources call fails
2009-08-03 Thomas Whitegdrm-kms-addfb: restore original FB on exit
2009-08-02 Thomas WhiteAdd GEM mmap() and KMS tests
2009-05-06 Thomas WhiteAdd cmdq+buffer test, and fix for new ioctl definition
2009-05-04 Thomas WhiteAdd memory manager test
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteMove authentication to a common file
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteSlightly neater submission of commands
2009-04-30 Thomas WhiteUn-break the check for failed authentication
10 years ago master