Fix max voltage of LDO1
[kernel.git] / arch / arm / mach-s3c2442 / mach-gta02.c
2009-08-23 Sven RebhanFix max voltage of LDO1
2009-08-02 Paul FertserGTA02: add support for dumb battery driver
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta02: use a dedicated function to query usb online...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta02: charging_restart_interval should no longer be...
2009-07-26 Lars-Peter Clausengta02: fix compile without CHARGER_PCF50633
2009-05-15 Mike Westerhof Add a vbus polling function for use by the udc...
2009-04-16 Paul Fertsergta02: fix re-enabling backlight with <12 values
2009-04-15 Nelson Castillomake touchscreen filter symbols const static in mach...
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerbetter naming for filter_configuration
2009-03-26 Ondrej ZaryForced shutdown for GTA02
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloAdd filter_chain object
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloExport symbols and make a few symbols constant.
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloUse non-void configurations
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloImprove filter API and update filters
2009-03-09 Andy Greenfix-s3c-cpu-detect-make-compatible-atag16.patch
2009-03-09 Balaji RaoSubject: USB: Change s3c2410_ohci into s3c_ohci and...
2009-03-09 Mark BrownGTA02: Name regulator supplies
2009-03-08 Andy Greenfix-gta02-fiq-init.patch
2009-03-08 Andy Greenfix-gta02-fiq-timing.patch
2009-03-02 Sven RebhanFix typo in mach-gta02
2009-03-02 Mark BrownOpenMoko: Update for normal WM8753 device registration.
2009-03-02 Balaji RaoSubject: Get rid of board_info information in glamo...
2009-02-26 Balaji RaoSubject: lis302dl_use_s3c24xx_gpio_spi_bitbang.patch
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanMove bq27000 data structures
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanCare about PCF50633 ADC disabled
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanAllow disabling of GTA02 vibrator
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanThe BQ27000 Battery requires HDQ
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanCare about PCF50633 charger disabled
2009-02-23 Sven RebhanRemove double include.
2009-02-22 Balaji Raogta02_use_new_fiq_and_hdq_stuff.patch
2009-02-20 Andy Greenclean-gta02.h-remove-v1v2.patch
2009-02-19 Andy Greenclean-move-mach-gta02-s3c2442.patch