Initial buffer wait/IRQ stuff
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2009-07-15 Thomas WhiteBring gta02_drm_config up to date with gta02_packaging_...
2009-07-15 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'drm-kms' into drm-tracking
2009-07-02 Thomas WhiteUpdate gta02_drm_defconfig
2009-06-08 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-tracking
2009-06-05 Paul FertserGTA01, GTA02: remove RTC_DEBUG from defconfigs
2009-06-05 Paul FertserGTA01: disable android wakelocks
2009-05-25 Paul Fertsergta01: fix jbt6k74 spi registration
2009-05-15 Mike Westerhof Add a vbus polling function for use by the udc...
2009-05-15 Mike Westerhof This patch adds the option to poll vbus status...
2009-04-25 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-tracking
2009-04-21 Nelson Castilloglamo_fb: make Xglamo workaround conditional
2009-04-20 Nelson CastilloDisable EXT4 / enable reiserfs
2009-04-20 Mike (mwester)remove-ext4-from-gta02_packaging_defconfig.patch
2009-04-19 Thomas WhiteAdd gta02_drm_defconfig
2009-04-16 Nelson CastilloRevert "update gta01 config based on gta02 config"
2009-04-16 Paul Fertsergta02: fix re-enabling backlight with <12 values
2009-04-15 Nelson Castillomake touchscreen filter symbols const static in mach...
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerbetter naming for filter_configuration
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerupdate gta01 config based on gta02 config
2009-04-08 Paul FertserCorrect platform s3c-ohci device name, makes bluetooth...
2009-03-31 Tim Niemeyerremove sysfs-links on remove
2009-03-30 Rask Ingemann Lamb... Fix cpu_is_s3c2442() returning false for an S3C2442B
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataImport part of Thomas White DRM tree:
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerCodingStyle with copy-src also fixed
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer@maste... retain gllin compatibility
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer@maste... Change disable serial driver for gta02 only
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer@maste... disabling fast_charge is done with 0
2009-03-26 Ondrej ZaryForced shutdown for GTA02
2009-03-26 Matt HsuS3C64XX: Add gpio_to_irq method for external interrupt...
2009-03-11 Werner AlmesbergerAdd real CAMIF clock to S3C6410
2009-03-11 Werner AlmesbergerRename CAMERA clock
2009-03-10 Werner Almesbergeradd primitive camera power control
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloAdd filter_chain object
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloExport symbols and make a few symbols constant.
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloUse non-void configurations
2009-03-10 Nelson CastilloImprove filter API and update filters
2009-03-10 Andy Greenconfig-om3d7k-ohci.patch
2009-03-10 Andy Greenconfig-om3d7k-cpufreq.patch
2009-03-10 Andy Greenfix-3d7k-camif-disable-config.patch
2009-03-10 mergeMERGE-andy-tracking-patchset-edits
2009-03-09 Andy Greenconfig-gta02-usb-host.patch
2009-03-09 Werner AlmesbergerFix clock shift in s3c64xx_setrate_clksrc
2009-03-09 Werner AlmesbergerFix division in s3c64xx_roundrate_clksrc
2009-03-09 Werner AlmesbergerAdd CAMIF clock to S3C6410
2009-03-09 Andy Greenfix-s3c-cpu-detect-make-compatible-atag16.patch
2009-03-09 Mark BrownS3C64XX: Add DVFS support to the S3C64XX cpufreq driver
2009-03-09 Mark BrownS3C64XX: Initial support for CPU frequency scaling
2009-03-09 Mark BrownS3C64XX: Add initial support for ARMCLK
2009-03-09 Kyungmin ParkS3C: CPU detection support
2009-03-09 Andy Greenfix-s3c-ohci-move-usb-control.h
2009-03-09 Balaji RaoSubject: om3d7k: Add support for s3c_ohci device.
2009-03-09 Balaji RaoSubject: USB: Change s3c2410_ohci into s3c_ohci and...
2009-03-09 Mark BrownGTA02: Name regulator supplies
2009-03-08 Andy Greenfix-gta02-fiq-init.patch
2009-03-08 Andy Greenfix-gta02-fiq-timing.patch
2009-03-07 Matt HsuEnable jbt6k74 LCM driver IC device for 3d7k.
2009-03-07 Matt HsuAdd concurrent solution of supporting l1k002 and jbt6k7...
2009-03-06 Matt HsuAdd LED channel information in lp5521 platform data...
2009-03-06 Matt HsuCorrect the start-up delay of LED(lp5521) device on...
2009-03-06 Matt HsuTemporarily mark INT of LED device on 3d7k.
2009-03-05 Tim NiemeyerFrom 52da4d313dd3263824023f6f3c16a32a0078710e Mon Sep...
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerAdd Samsung S3C camera interface registers
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerDirty hacks to make it all work
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerEnable camera in 3D7K defconfig
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerAdd camera interface driver to 3D7K
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerAdd Samsung S3C CAMIF driver
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerAdd HCLKx2 to S3C64xx.
2009-03-05 Werner AlmesbergerFix s3c64xx_setrate_clksrc
2009-03-04 Andy Greenconfig-3d7k-remove-mac80211.patch
2009-03-04 Andy Greenconfig-3d7k-correct-alsa-driver-name.patch
2009-03-04 Andy Greenfix-3d7k-iis-constants.patch
2009-03-04 mergeMERGE-andy-tracking-patchset-edits
2009-03-04 Matt HsuIntroduce generic backlight device on 3d7k.
2009-03-04 Andy Greenfix-3d7k-remove-gps-wlan-pm.patch
2009-03-04 Mark BrownS3C64XX: Initial support for CPU frequency scaling
2009-03-04 Mark BrownS3C64XX: Add initial support for ARMCLK
2009-03-04 Kyungmin ParkS3C: CPU detection support
2009-03-03 Andy Greenfix-hdq-sample-period-calc.patch
2009-03-02 Andy Greenrename-gta03-dropped-3d7k-new-moniker.patch
2009-03-02 mergeMERGE-via-pending-tracking-hist-add-om_3d7k_machine...
2009-03-02 Sven RebhanFix typo in mach-gta02
2009-03-02 Sven RebhanGTA02 GSM requires PCF50633 GPIO
2009-03-02 Mark BrownOpenMoko: Update for normal WM8753 device registration.
2009-03-02 Rask Ingemann Lamb... ARM/S3C2440: Don't build armv4t modules we can't load
2009-03-02 Balaji RaoSubject: Get rid of board_info information in glamo...
2009-02-26 Ben DooksS3C64XX: Fix DMA channel numbers
2009-02-26 Ben DooksS3C64XX: Fix DMA makefile
2009-02-26 Matt HsuFix the current leaking issue on gta03 a3 or later...
2009-02-26 Balaji RaoSubject: fix_gta03_fiq_stuff.patch
2009-02-26 Balaji RaoSubject: lis302dl_use_s3c24xx_gpio_spi_bitbang.patch
2009-02-26 Balaji RaoSubject: spi_supoport_non_blocking_sync_transfers.patch
2009-02-25 Andy Greenadd-s3c64xx-tzic-plat.patch
2009-02-25 Andy Greenadd-s3c64xx-tzic.patch
2009-02-25 Andy Greenclean-neo1973-pm-gps.patch
2009-02-25 Andy Greenconfig-nfs-root.patch
2009-02-25 Ben DooksS3C64XX: Drop i2c0.max_freq to 150kHz.
2009-02-25 Andy Greenconfig-squashfs-embedded.patch
2009-02-25 DKAY_CHEN[GTA03] Fix the power on status of the GSM module again.
2009-02-25 Ben DooksS3C64XX: Add DMA clock enable
2009-02-25 Ben DooksS3C64XX: Register DMA channels as system devices