Implement enable/reset of 3D engine
[kernel.git] / drivers /
2010-01-16 Thomas WhiteImplement enable/reset of 3D engine drm-tracking
2009-11-26 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-tracking
2009-11-26 Thomas Whitemfd: glamo: Enable FIFO stage for the LCD engine's...
2009-11-26 Michael Trimarchiinput: lis302dl: fix the resume path
2009-11-20 Thomas WhiteFix KMS framebuffer physical address
2009-11-16 Thomas WhiteSimplify fences somewhat
2009-11-15 Thomas WhiteFix ordering of KMS initialisation
2009-11-15 Thomas WhiteEnable FIFO stage for the LCD engine's memory access
2009-11-15 Thomas WhiteAdd interrupt-driven waitqueue for better GPU synchroni...
2009-11-09 Thomas WhiteFix oops in GEM object allocation
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteFix some CmdQ nonsense (?)
2009-11-08 Thomas WhiteTidy up and fix burst submission
2009-11-04 Martin Jansaglamo-spi: missing semicolon after MODULE_AUTHOR()
2009-10-21 Thomas WhiteAdd burst commands
2009-09-27 Thomas WhiteMerge commit 'refs/remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking'...
2009-09-24 Nelson CastilloFix small typo
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloRemove sort call from group filter
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloFix Andy's email in filters.
2009-09-23 Nelson Castillos3_ts: cleanups
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloMake s3c TS driver use s3c-adc API
2009-09-23 Michael TrimarchiRemove dependence on old netdev operations
2009-09-11 Thomas WhiteMerge commit 'remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking' into...
2009-09-10 Thomas WhiteFix sanitisation
2009-09-09 Thomas WhiteSanitise size and alignment of GEM objects
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50606: fix RTC alarm
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50633: move messages to appropriate log levels
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50606: move messages to appropriate log levels
2009-09-01 Paul FertserRevert "AR6000: move low-level cleanup from ar6000_dest...
2009-08-27 Thomas WhiteSilence suspend/resume
2009-08-22 Thomas WhiteRemove 'vram_base'
2009-08-22 Thomas WhiteRelease mapping resources when deleting a GEM object
2009-08-22 Thomas WhiteZero VRAM before passing to userspace
2009-08-20 Thomas WhiteInitial buffer wait/IRQ stuff
2009-08-19 Thomas WhiteMove glamo_ioctl_gem_wait_rendering() to glamo-cmdq.c
2009-08-19 Thomas WhiteFormatting fussiness
2009-08-18 Thomas WhiteRemove KMS function announcements
2009-08-18 Thomas WhiteRemove CmdQ wrap-around printk
2009-08-16 Thomas WhiteUnlock mutex on unsuccessful mmap
2009-08-16 Thomas WhiteFormatting
2009-08-16 Thomas WhiteRemove unused snippet
2009-08-11 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'drm-tracking' of git+ssh://git-weiss...
2009-08-11 Thomas WhiteUpdate licence boilerplate
2009-08-06 Thomas WhiteTidy up, and remove debug
2009-08-05 Thomas WhitePut the mutex functions the right way round
2009-08-04 Thomas Whiteioremap() the framebuffer properly
2009-08-04 Thomas WhiteTidy up initialisation
2009-08-04 Thomas WhiteKeep glamo-kms-fb off the hardware registers
2009-08-04 Thomas WhiteCopyright and debug
2009-08-04 Thomas WhiteTake FB allocation back down to the minimum
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: query charger status directly
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: properly reenable charging when the supply...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: get rid of charging restart software auto...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: revise locking for ADC
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: use a dedicated workqueue for irq processing
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: add charge_{now,full} properties
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: generalise the driver, add capacity...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: fix unloading bug
2009-07-29 Thomas WhiteImplement glamo_ioctl_gem_mmap(), properly this time
2009-07-28 Thomas WhiteImplement glamo_crtc_mode_set_base()
2009-07-28 Thomas WhiteSet minimum and maximum dimensions in mode config
2009-07-26 Lars-Peter Clausenbq27000: Return -ENODEV in bq27000_battery_get_property...
2009-07-15 Thomas WhiteTidy up
2009-07-15 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'drm-kms' into drm-tracking
2009-07-11 Thomas WhiteDe-bodge pixel clocks
2009-07-09 Thomas WhiteDebug
2009-07-08 Thomas WhiteExpose more memory via glamo-kms-fb
2009-07-08 Thomas WhiteFix resume, part 2
2009-07-06 Thomas WhiteFix resume, part 1
2009-07-02 Thomas WhiteInitial suspend/resume
2009-07-02 Thomas WhiteMore whitespace
2009-07-02 Thomas WhiteWhitespace
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteAlter jbt6k74 state on DPMS
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteDo not switch the screen off when changing mode
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteRemove debug watchpoints
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteFix scanout timings
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteNasty jbt stuff
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteDebug
2009-07-01 Thomas WhiteCompatibility glamo-drm <---> glamo-fb
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteEnable the LCD engine
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteWhitespace and debugging
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteSet gdrm->dev
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteProgram the LCD registers
2009-06-28 Thomas WhiteKMS bits and pieces
2009-06-26 Thomas WhiteCall the helper init function
2009-06-24 Thomas WhiteMuppetry and comments, and other small things
2009-06-24 Thomas WhiteThis is not a PCI device
2009-06-21 Paul FertserRNDIS: crude hack to fix oops on connecting to WXP SP2
2009-06-18 Thomas WhiteRevert "Front buffer kludge"
2009-06-17 Thomas WhiteMore KMS plumbing
2009-06-15 Thomas WhiteJust backing up progress (again)
2009-06-13 Thomas WhitePlatform device bits in drm_stub.c
2009-06-13 Paul Fertsergta02: move debugging messages to the appropriate levels
2009-06-11 Thomas WhiteFront buffer kludge
2009-06-10 Luca CapelloCONFIG_BATTERY_BQ27000_HDQ selects CONFIG_HDQ_GPIO_BITBANG
2009-06-10 Paul FertserGTA0[12]: make headset button report PLAY pressed on...
2009-06-08 Thomas WhiteJust backing up progress
2009-06-08 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-tracking
2009-06-08 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'drm-tracking-cleanup' into drm-tracking
2009-06-08 Andreas PokornyGlamo: Bugfix for wraparound in queue
2009-06-08 Andreas PokornyGlamo:Removing IRQ Experiments