2009-11-04 Martin Jansaglamo-spi: missing semicolon after MODULE_AUTHOR()
2009-10-03 Radek PolakGTA01/GTA02: disable android drivers in default configs
2009-10-02 Vasily KhoruzhickFix s3c-adc suspend
2009-09-24 Nelson CastilloFix small typo
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloFix wrong commit
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloRequire CONFIG_S3C24XX_ADC for GTA01/GTA02
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloGTA01: Disable glamo
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloRemove sort call from group filter
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloFix Andy's email in filters.
2009-09-23 Nelson Castillos3_ts: cleanups
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloMake s3c TS driver use s3c-adc API
2009-09-23 Vasily Khoruzhicks3c24xx: introduce s3c-adc delay
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloS3C: ADC: Expose number of remaining conversions to...
2009-09-23 Nelson CastilloS3C: ADC: Fix lines with more than 80 chars in adc.h
2009-09-23 Michael TrimarchiRemove dependence on old netdev operations
2009-09-01 Paul Fertsergta01: when charging the current reported should be...
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50606: fix RTC alarm
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50633: move messages to appropriate log levels
2009-09-01 Arnaud Patardpcf50606: move messages to appropriate log levels
2009-09-01 Paul FertserRevert "AR6000: move low-level cleanup from ar6000_dest...
2009-08-23 Sven RebhanFix max voltage of LDO1
2009-08-02 Paul FertserGTA02: add support for dumb battery driver
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta02: use a dedicated function to query usb online...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: query charger status directly
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: properly reenable charging when the supply...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: get rid of charging restart software auto...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: fix wrong define for 10bit ADC mode
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: revise locking for ADC
2009-08-02 Paul Fertserpcf50633: use a dedicated workqueue for irq processing
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta02: charging_restart_interval should no longer be...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: add charge_{now,full} properties
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: generalise the driver, add capacity...
2009-08-02 Paul Fertsergta01_battery: fix unloading bug
2009-07-26 Lars-Peter... gta02: fix compile without CHARGER_PCF50633
2009-07-26 Lars-Peter... bq27000: Return -ENODEV in bq27000_battery_get_property...
2009-07-05 Paul FertserGTA01: fix current and voltage reporting units
2009-07-05 Lars-Peter... ASoC: Fix wm8753 register cache size and initialization
2009-07-05 Mark BrownASoC: Fix register cache initialisation for WM8753
2009-06-24 Paul FertserGTA0[12]: add nls 866, 1251 to defconfigs
2009-06-21 Paul FertserRNDIS: crude hack to fix oops on connecting to WXP SP2
2009-06-13 Paul Fertsergta02: move debugging messages to the appropriate levels
2009-06-10 Luca CapelloCONFIG_BATTERY_BQ27000_HDQ selects CONFIG_HDQ_GPIO_BITBANG
2009-06-10 Paul Fertsergta01: asoc: fix lm4857 control
2009-06-10 Paul FertserGTA0[12]: make headset button report PLAY pressed on...
2009-06-09 Paul FertserGTA02: gps power management bugfix
2009-06-05 Paul FertserGTA01, GTA02: remove RTC_DEBUG from defconfigs
2009-06-05 Paul FertserGTA01: disable android wakelocks
2009-06-05 Paul FertserGTA02: bq27000 report current charge
2009-06-01 Michael TrimarchiImprove battery status notification
2009-05-25 Paul Fertsergta01: fix jbt6k74 spi registration
2009-05-15 Mike Westerhof Add a vbus polling function for use by the udc...
2009-05-15 Mike Westerhof This patch adds the option to poll vbus status...
2009-05-15 Jonathan McDowellusb gadget: fix ethernet link reports to ethtool
2009-05-15 Nelson CastilloAvoid null pointer access on early call to pcf50633_mbc...
2009-05-06 Rask Ingemann... Glamo MFD: MFD_GLAMO_SPI_GPIO requires SPI_BITBANG...
2009-05-06 Rask Ingemann... Glamo MFD: Fix indentation of Kconfig, convert spaces...
2009-04-28 Nelson CastilloGTA01: Add "present" property to power_supply
2009-04-28 Timo Juhani... Call unbind() hook of the usb gadget so that it can...
2009-04-23 Michael TrimarchiUpdate status battery
2009-04-21 Michael TrimarchiThis patch take the min platform data array size and...
2009-04-21 Nelson Castilloglamo_fb: make Xglamo workaround conditional
2009-04-21 Nelson Castilloglamo_fb: Small cleanup
2009-04-21 Nelson CastilloMake Xglamo workaround opt-out. Fixes #2255.
2009-04-20 Nelson CastilloDisable EXT4 / enable reiserfs
2009-04-20 Mike (mwester)remove-ext4-from-gta02_packaging_defconfig.patch
2009-04-19 Nelson CastilloRevert "Revert "Fixed the LCM driver state transition...
2009-04-19 Nelson CastilloRevert "Fixed the LCM driver state transition delay...
2009-04-16 Nelson CastilloRevert "update gta01 config based on gta02 config"
2009-04-16 Paul Fertsergta02: fix re-enabling backlight with <12 values
2009-04-16 Paul FertserOHCI: Disabled additional debugging
2009-04-15 Nelson Castillomake touchscreen filter symbols const static in mach...
2009-04-15 Tim NiemeyerToo many info messages for apm battery support
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerbetter naming for filter_configuration
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerupdate gta01 config based on gta02 config
2009-04-14 Mike WesterhofFix kernel oops when starting wpa_supplicant.
2009-04-13 Nicolas Dufresnefbcon: Cleaned unnecessary debugging output (fix bug...
2009-04-08 Michael TrimarchiRe-enable USBHOST attribute
2009-04-08 Michael TrimarchiCleanup USB host code of s3c2410
2009-04-08 Paul FertserCorrect platform s3c-ohci device name, makes bluetooth...
2009-04-05 Mark BrownASoC: Clean up coding style issues in GTA02
2009-04-05 Nicolas DufresneFixed the LCM driver state transition delay and pixel...
2009-04-02 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: move low-level cleanup from ar6000_destroy...
2009-04-01 Werner Almesbergerrtc-pcf50606: Fix month off-by-one error
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: support GTA02-specific rfkill only if building...
2009-03-31 Tim NiemeyerThis patch brings suspend/resume back to GTA01
2009-03-31 Tim Niemeyerremove sysfs-links on remove
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: Corrected 'vendor/device IDs'.
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: revert MMC busy status check
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerMinor AR6000 cleanup
2009-03-31 ivan_p@hotbox.ruAR6000 netif_queue_stop non stop, Bug?
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerFix ar6000_do_activate return value
2009-03-30 Rask Ingemann... Fix cpu_is_s3c2442() returning false for an S3C2442B
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerCodingStyle with copy-src also fixed
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerFix trivial whitespace slippage.
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Clean up pcf50606_client_dev_register
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... retain gllin compatibility
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Add forgotten PCF50606 Kconfig/Makefile entries
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Remove double INPUT_PCF6333_PMU in Kconfig/Makefile
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerReally clean up, as promised in 1350d5dfaac7dadf6cab9e8...
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Change disable serial driver for gta02 only