2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteWhitespace and debugging
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteSet gdrm->dev
2009-06-30 Thomas WhiteProgram the LCD registers
2009-06-28 Thomas WhiteKMS bits and pieces
2009-06-26 Thomas WhiteCall the helper init function
2009-06-24 Thomas WhiteMuppetry and comments, and other small things
2009-06-24 Thomas WhiteThis is not a PCI device
2009-06-17 Thomas WhiteMore KMS plumbing
2009-06-15 Thomas WhiteJust backing up progress (again)
2009-06-13 Thomas WhitePlatform device bits in drm_stub.c
2009-06-08 Thomas WhiteJust backing up progress
2009-06-02 Thomas WhiteKMS Skeleton Bits
2009-06-02 Thomas WhiteTidy up Kconfig
2009-06-02 Thomas WhiteReorganise memory map (again)
2009-05-27 Thomas WhiteInitial KMS stuff
2009-05-22 Thomas WhiteImplement glamo_ioctl_gem_mmap
2009-05-06 Thomas WhiteBuffer relocation stuff
2009-05-04 Thomas WhitePatch up the memory management
2009-05-04 Thomas WhiteAdd (untested) memory management
2009-05-03 Thomas WhiteCreate glamo-buffer.c
2009-05-03 Thomas WhiteReset command queue on resume
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteFix and/or remove debug
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteEnable GEN51_EN_DIV_GCLK
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteReorder startup of engines
2009-05-02 Thomas WhiteDebugging stuff
2009-04-29 Thomas WhiteCommand queue fixes
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteImplement command queue reset
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteEnable MCLK divider
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteAllow command queue timeout
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteTidy up, fix silly mistake, and enable command queue
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteCopyright notice
2009-04-28 Thomas WhiteBuild fixes
2009-04-26 Thomas WhiteKernel handling of command queue
2009-04-26 Thomas WhiteTweak ioctls
2009-04-25 Thomas WhiteMerge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-tracking
2009-04-23 Michael TrimarchiUpdate status battery
2009-04-21 Michael TrimarchiThis patch take the min platform data array size and...
2009-04-21 Nelson Castilloglamo_fb: make Xglamo workaround conditional
2009-04-21 Nelson Castilloglamo_fb: Small cleanup
2009-04-21 Nelson CastilloMake Xglamo workaround opt-out. Fixes #2255.
2009-04-21 Thomas WhiteFix ioctl definition
2009-04-20 Nelson CastilloDisable EXT4 / enable reiserfs
2009-04-20 Mike (mwester)remove-ext4-from-gta02_packaging_defconfig.patch
2009-04-19 Thomas WhiteStart to define ioctls
2009-04-19 Thomas WhiteAdd gta02_drm_defconfig
2009-04-19 Nelson CastilloRevert "Revert "Fixed the LCM driver state transition...
2009-04-19 Nelson CastilloRevert "Fixed the LCM driver state transition delay...
2009-04-16 Nelson CastilloRevert "update gta01 config based on gta02 config"
2009-04-16 Paul Fertsergta02: fix re-enabling backlight with <12 values
2009-04-16 Paul FertserOHCI: Disabled additional debugging
2009-04-15 Nelson Castillomake touchscreen filter symbols const static in mach...
2009-04-15 Tim NiemeyerToo many info messages for apm battery support
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerbetter naming for filter_configuration
2009-04-15 Tim Niemeyerupdate gta01 config based on gta02 config
2009-04-14 Mike WesterhofFix kernel oops when starting wpa_supplicant.
2009-04-13 Nicolas Dufresnefbcon: Cleaned unnecessary debugging output (fix bug...
2009-04-08 Michael TrimarchiRe-enable USBHOST attribute
2009-04-08 Michael TrimarchiCleanup USB host code of s3c2410
2009-04-08 Paul FertserCorrect platform s3c-ohci device name, makes bluetooth...
2009-04-05 Mark BrownASoC: Clean up coding style issues in GTA02
2009-04-05 Nicolas DufresneFixed the LCM driver state transition delay and pixel...
2009-04-02 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: move low-level cleanup from ar6000_destroy...
2009-04-01 Werner Almesbergerrtc-pcf50606: Fix month off-by-one error
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: support GTA02-specific rfkill only if building...
2009-03-31 Tim NiemeyerThis patch brings suspend/resume back to GTA01
2009-03-31 Tim Niemeyerremove sysfs-links on remove
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: Corrected 'vendor/device IDs'.
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerAR6000: revert MMC busy status check
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerMinor AR6000 cleanup
2009-03-31 ivan_p@hotbox.ruAR6000 netif_queue_stop non stop, Bug?
2009-03-31 Werner AlmesbergerFix ar6000_do_activate return value
2009-03-30 Rask Ingemann... Fix cpu_is_s3c2442() returning false for an S3C2442B
2009-03-26 Thomas WhiteTake account of platform devices in drm_setunique(...
2009-03-26 Thomas WhiteAdd to Glamo-DRM initialisation routine
2009-03-26 Thomas WhiteFix MMC buffer locations
2009-03-26 Thomas WhitePass core Glamo device to DRM module
2009-03-26 Thomas WhiteTidy up Glamo memory map declarations
2009-03-26 Thomas WhiteRemove Glamo's 2D, 3D, JPEG and MPEG devices
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataInitial DRM driver for Glamo
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataImport part of Thomas White DRM tree:
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataAvoid the high_memory check on arm platforms
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataPlatform's DRM driver loading, unloading and sysfs...
2009-03-26 Jorge ZapataKconfig/Makefile DRM platform support
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerCodingStyle with copy-src also fixed
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerFix trivial whitespace slippage.
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Clean up pcf50606_client_dev_register
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... retain gllin compatibility
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Add forgotten PCF50606 Kconfig/Makefile entries
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Remove double INPUT_PCF6333_PMU in Kconfig/Makefile
2009-03-26 Werner AlmesbergerReally clean up, as promised in 1350d5dfaac7dadf6cab9e8...
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Change disable serial driver for gta02 only
2009-03-26 Tim Niemeyerextend work around boot-time ordering on GTA01
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... disabling fast_charge is done with 0
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... little debug msg copied from gta02
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... Remove debug-aux-key-probe-resume-death.patch
2009-03-26 tim.niemeyer... new-style i2c driver doesn't work with inconsistent...
2009-03-26 Rask Ingemann... Glamo fb: needs cfb_{fillrect,copyarea,imageblit} to...
2009-03-26 Aric D. BlumerZero packet length detection for RNDIS fix. Migrated...
2009-03-26 Ondrej ZaryForced shutdown for GTA02
2009-03-26 Matt HsuS3C64XX: Add gpio_to_irq method for external interrupt...