BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
crystfel-0.3Make sure 'diffracting_resolution' is setThomas White9 years
crystfel-0.4This is CrystFEL 0.4.3Thomas White8 years
crystfel-0.5This is CrystFEL 0.5.4aThomas White7 years
masterDon't assume that headers to be copied are floatsThomas White4 days
pascal/electronsadded vscode dir to ignoreRobert Buecker6 months
tom/dtemplcell_explorer: Continue (but complain) if a stream can't be readThomas White7 months
0.9.1commit 0e48c77bb0...Thomas White10 months
0.7.0commit 87fd650abf...Thomas White10 months
0.8.0commit 1ccb8c35a2...Thomas White10 months
0.9.0commit b5de275310...Thomas White10 months
0.6.3commit ad6d6cfe15...Thomas White4 years
0.6.2commit 90ff333fce...Thomas White5 years
0.6.1commit ab770f18ff...Thomas White6 years
0.6.0commit f4dd9897c4...Thomas White6 years
0.5.4commit 16a5848ff2...Thomas White7 years
0.5.3acommit 71d34176e3...Thomas White7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysDon't assume that headers to be copied are floatsHEADmasterThomas White
4 daysFussinessThomas White
4 daysFix build without MsgPack (again)Thomas White
4 daysFix build without MsgPackThomas White
4 daysRework header caching layerThomas White
4 daysFix convert_int and add convert_floatThomas White
4 daysMsgPack: Fix a silly copy/paste errorThomas White
5 daysindexamajig: Put cell tolerances and pk/int radii into separate objectsThomas White
5 daysSet panel for bad region when there is only one panelThomas White
5 daysGUI: Fix loading of merging parameters from project fileThomas White