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maincut-to-cue-number: Copy the hash tableThomas White3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 dayscut-to-cue-number: Copy the hash tableHEADmainThomas White
3 daysFactorise vector-refThomas White
7 daysImprove syntax for cue partsThomas White
2020-11-02Update REAME.mdThomas White
2020-10-25Add set-playback-cue-list! and get-playback-cue-numberThomas White
2020-10-24Match cue-part attributes by name as wellThomas White
2020-10-24Implement cue parts with different fade timesThomas White
2020-10-24Update demo.scmThomas White
2020-10-23fade-up -> up-time, fade-down -> down-timeThomas White
2020-10-23Plumbing for cue partsThomas White