About This Server

Here be dragons!

This is Tom's Git server.

Cloning, Checking Out and Merging

To clone one of these repositories, install git, and run:

git clone git://git.bitwiz.me.uk/someproject.git
Alternatively, manually add a new remote to an existing repository. Do this if you have, say, a Linux kernel repository already: it will make your download a lot faster and save my server some work, because Git will only download the differences between my work and whatever you have already:
git remote add bitwiz git://git.bitwiz.me.uk/someproject.git
git fetch
git checkout -b newbranch bitwiz/somebranch

Upstreamed Branches

It's better to use the furthest upstream repositories you can find:

The repositories here will continue to mirror the upstream ones.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
baremetal.git Bare metal assembly language... Thomas White 23 months ago
colloquium.git Narrative-based presentation... Thomas White 9 days ago
crystfel.git Crystallography using FELs Thomas White 4 days ago
glamo-dri-tests.git Test programs for Glamo DRI Thomas White 10 years ago
glitchyclock.git Glitchy clock for X by Alistai... Thomas White 5 months ago
kernel.git My Linux kernel repository Thomas White 10 years ago
libdrm.git My libdrm repository Thomas White 10 years ago
maestropond.git Convert RISC OS Maestro files... Thomas White 8 years ago
mesa.git My Mesa repository Thomas White 10 years ago
midinator.git Messing around with MIDI Thomas White 8 years ago
nanolight.git Theatrical lighting control... Thomas White 11 days ago
openmoocow.git OpenMooCow! Thomas White 8 years ago
sylpheed.git Git mirror of Sylpheed SVN... Thomas White 13 months ago
thrust3d.git Post-apocalyptic Jet Set Willy... Thomas White 6 years ago
triclinator.git Determine 3D lattice parameter... Thomas White 11 years ago
tsumego.git Command-line tsumego (Go puzzles) Thomas White 3 years ago
tuxmessenger.git A GTK+-based client for MSN... Thomas White 10 years ago
xf86-video-glamo.git X.org driver for Glamo Thomas White 8 years ago