Current projects
StarletTheatrical lighting control in LispThomas White
ColloquiumNarrative-based presentation systemThomas White5 days
PixelhubDMX to Neopixel interface for Raspberry Pi PicoThomas White
x1k2-midi-osc-alsaXone:K2 to Open Sound Control using ALSAThomas White
Guile-OSCOpen Sound Control bindings for Guile (using liblo)Thomas White
SylpheedGit mirror of Sylpheed SVN repositoryThomas White5 years
Scientific projects
CrystFELData processing for serial crystallographyThomas White31 hours
crystfel-demoDemo UI for CrystFELThomas White4 years
DTRDiffraction Tomography ReconstructionThomas White6 years
Synth2DTwo-dimensional Fourier synthesis utilityThomas White4 years
TriclinatorDetermine 3D lattice parameters from zone axis parametersThomas White6 years
Openmoko driver for GlamoThomas White6 years
OpenMooCowAccelerometer-driven moobox for Openmoko phonesThomas White6 years
KernelMy Linux kernel repositoryThomas White
LibDRMMy libdrm repositoryThomas White
glamo-dri-testsTest programs for Glamo DRIThomas White6 years
MesaMy Mesa repositoryThomas White
Archived projects
TuxMessengerA GTK+-based client for MSN MessengerThomas White6 years
BareMetalBare metal assembly language programming on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+Thomas White6 years
MidinatorMessing around with MIDIThomas White6 years
NanolightTheatrical lighting control programThomas White4 years
GlitchyClockGlitchy clock for X by Alistair McDowallThomas White4 years
MaestroPondConvert RISC OS Maestro files to LilyPondThomas White6 years
Thrust3DPost-apocalyptic Jet Set Willy in a 3D nuclear power stationThomas White6 years
TsumegoCommand-line tsumego (Go puzzles)Thomas White6 years
HeyLlamaSmall llama-based game written in GuileThomas White4 years
SudokuSolving Sudoku in Guile using SATThomas White
MorningtownSilent alarm clockThomas White