nanolight.gitTheatrical lighting control program git repository hosting5 months
triclinator.gitDetermine 3D lattice parameters from zone axis parameters git repository hosting3 years
glitchyclock.gitGlitchy clock for X by Alistair McDowall git repository hosting10 months
starlet.gitTheatrical lighting control in Lisp git repository hosting
heyllama.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git repository hosting2 months driver for Glamo git repository hosting3 years
openmoocow.gitOpenMooCow! git repository hosting3 years
maestropond.gitConvert RISC OS Maestro files to LilyPond git repository hosting3 years
thrust3d.gitPost-apocalyptic Jet Set Willy in a 3D nuclear power station git repository hosting3 years
tsumego.gitCommand-line tsumego (Go puzzles) git repository hosting3 years
kernel.gitMy Linux kernel repository git repository hosting
synth2d.gitTwo-dimensional Fourier synthesis utility git repository hosting4 months
colloquium.gitNarrative-based presentation system git repository hosting5 months
midinator.gitMessing around with MIDI git repository hosting3 years
crystfel-demo.gitDemo UI for CrystFEL git repository hosting10 months
crystfel.gitCrystallography using FELs git repository hosting5 days
dtr.gitDiffraction Tomography Reconstruction git repository hosting3 years
mesa.gitMy Mesa repository git repository hosting
tuxmessenger.gitA GTK+-based client for MSN Messenger git repository hosting3 years
labgrabber.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git repository hosting
sylpheed.gitGit mirror of Sylpheed SVN repository git repository hosting18 months
libdrm.gitMy libdrm repository git repository hosting
glamo-dri-tests.gitTest programs for Glamo DRI git repository hosting3 years
baremetal.gitBare metal assembly language programming on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ git repository hosting2 years